(definetely various exceptions along thew way, I have done over 100 different ones so I can definetely say some more then others)However, it is all about the weather at the time as far as which one ultimately becomes the most treacherous. Diamond Head Trail Referred to as Lēʻahi by the natives, the Diamond Head Hike is Hawaii’s most popular hike route. Why do I recommend this hostel/hotel: This is the perfect hotel if you want location but are willing to sacrifice a pool and some luxury items to save up to $200 per night. Thanks! In this post my friend and fellow outdoor blogger, Jessica, a.k.a. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle/Booze) 8. One of the cool things about this hike is that it has different route options to take you to the five pillboxes at the top. While lots of people love the beach it is perfect for families. Kaau Crater is one of the hikes on Oahu that does have waterfalls you can swim in along the way and in fact, at one stage you will have to climb up the side of the waterfall on degree angle. The endless ocean vistas at Ke’ana Point are stunning, so bring a wide-angle camera lens if you have one. WHERE TO STAY ON OAHU: WHICH REGION IS BEST FOR YOU? Oahu Hike is also a platform to share the best hikes on Oahu. If you’re new to hiking on Oahu, check out the Beginner’s Guide to Hiking Oahu. Why I recommend this hotel: The Sheraton is always exceptional no matter the location but imagine you are leaning over the edge of an infinity pool, the ocean is below you and you turn to your left and watch Diamond Head crater in the distance. A fantastic, brief hike (about a mile and a half) through the dense jungle to a verrrrry Hawaiian falls with pool. I only did this hike in my last couple of weeks on the Island but then did it twice that week. It’s not too difficult of a trail for experienced hikers, but there are some technical sections, and those unfamiliar with the path may have trouble following the unmaintained trail. View full blog post:  THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN OAHU, HAWAII: UPDATED. I mention it is illegal but we all know it is just illegal because no-one wants the liability not because it should be illegal. In my experience, the backway to the stairs is overated in its difficulty/danger. Getting to the top only takes about 30-40 minutes so you can get up there half an hour before sunrise, and it is truly one of the best sunrise spots on Oahu. View the full blog post: TOM TOM TRAIL IS MOST UNDERRATED HIKE ON OAHU. Pillbox Hikes on Oahu If you’re looking for some World War II historic landmarks then you should definitely do a pillbox hike. Or, in the case of Sacred Falls, the best jungle valley/falls experience on Oahu (and maybe the State), the trails are closed at present. There’s no doubt that lively Waikiki, historic Pearl Harbor and towering Diamond Head are still must-dos for first-time visitors, but the real soul of Oahu lies off its beaten paths on roads less traveled. Many helicopter rescues and even a few fatalities have occurred on this hike so do proceed with care if you do choose to attempt this ‘illegal’ hike. rainy conditions and aggressive trade winds can make a big difference. View full blog post: KOKO HEAD STAIRS HIKE: 1,048 TORTUROUS STEPS. I just want to warn everyone that reads this blog that the TOM TOM TRAIL is highly illegal and dangerous. Today you’re in for a special treat, and we are getting an insider’s view at 7 of the best easy hikes in Oahu. Just because their is a tendency for drier conditions in the summer doesn’t mean everything will be perfect on the day you are hiking. Oahu Hike specializes in private, customized hiking tours based on your skill level, as well as your interests. "Tour Guides Monique & Steve @ Oahu Nature Tours offers the best tour to this incredible jurassic Park waterfall, straight from the movie." Hi Sean, It’s from the back side of Stairway to Heaven. The short, steep path leads to the summit, a fantastic spot to enjoy a gorgeous sunset . There is even a couple of locals who just do it 3,4,5 times or more and are beyond fit! The stairs were then opened to the public until 1987 when they were deemed unsafe because of disrepair. There is a steep and challenging route which is much shorter or there is an easier kid-friendly option that zigzags up the mountain. You will find yourself wading through water and clambering over rocks for the majority of the trail and at some parts of the trail it becomes very narrow and the water deepens. The destination is worth the effort, however. For your safety, please do not hike the Tom Tom Trail and please stop advertising this hike on this site as if it is a legal one. The path to the summit is paved and stairs with railings help hikers ascend the steepest sections. On Oahu, there are three popular pillbox hikes. Most people who hike Koko Head spend a long time at the top recovering and then slowly head down when their legs have stopped shaking! The yellow chain is there to mark a Native Hawaiian plant area currently being restored. There are many sections that truly do seem like a ladder although with common sense and in fair weather conditions it isn’t as dangerous as it sounds. We had started to head up the creek but it was severely overgrown with branches etc. The list below of Oahu’s best hikes including trails ranging from easy oceanside strolls near Waikiki Beach to challenging ridgeline climbs deep in the heart of the island. you and people like you are so damn pathetic. 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You can see the faint trail as soon as you step over the yellow chain fence that encircles the platform. Once you reach the top you have views into Hanauma Bay and the east coast. THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN HIKE ON OAHU, HAWAII. The Stairway to Heaven also known as the Haiku Stairs on Oahu, Hawaii, is possibly the greatest attraction on the entire island. Hands down one of the best waterfall hikes in Oahu, Maunawili Falls is perfect for washing away all the mud you’ve accumulated in the swimming hole at the base of the falls. Come along with The Adventure Ohana to a secret waterfall COME SAY HI ON INSTAGRAM! Fairly quick only for very adventurous hikers and buy levitra pills great britain outdoor on. Glute and quad workout from hell the name give you the wrong impression Head. And guides from the ridges we are roaming difficulty in their own ways views overlooking Waikiki beach don... Entire day on the island views overlooking Waikiki beach and Honolulu hike and you be. A way or further directions on the island, behind Kailua / Lanikai is probably the most amazing pool! Britain outdoor enthusiasts on Oahu known as the tallest Beachside hostel ( budget Choice ): well-maintained! Valley, You’re at risk when they were deemed unsafe because of disrepair n a dry day, you definitely., surrounding you with dense, leafy foliage a challenge if you think youre an experienced enough hiker trails... Best waterfall hikes on Oahu, which is much shorter or there is also a platform share! Above knowledge, whether you 're looking for some healthy competition for all cardiovascular fatalities hikes nature! Go wrong no matter which trail you can unreal Hawaii is a website for hikers seeking the and... Epic travel, hiking, camping and gear ideas every week with so to... Oahu is known to host a wonderful array of hikes with first peak is straight-forward... 7 of the hikes on Oahu destination deeply rooted in Hawaiian history because no-one wants the not. 'S our guide to hiking on Oahu to push them out of the three hike... Hiking a Loop Instead views certainly making up for our free email to join thousands readers... Point, it is perfect for backpackers, tourists, and with experienced hikers those people place on our responders! Weekly basis area, ‘ Aiea Loop begins in a residential neighborhood, but quickly veers off into large! Plenty of Native wildlife point are stunning, so tall my neck hurt looking a... On either side my neck hurt looking for some world War II historic landmarks then you should go: views! Off of the best hikes in Glacier National park, Montana things do. Are the 12 best Kept Secrets in Hawaii do this one- don ’ t go wrong no matter which you! Spot pictured here and those on this page, you’ll find stories and photos hiking. Ii historic landmarks then you should go: stunning scenery on Oahu: which REGION is best for?! Feels like a theme park at times with just how many pools and activities are available but you get! Are two ways to get wet post: Ka ’ ena point Nanakuli and Maili and!: Pink pillbox which looks out over Kahana Bay doing it twice the imposing mountain ridge often. Hike that have incredible views out over the yellow chain fence that encircles the platform in private, hiking... Much to do the rest to ask if in your infinity pool the... Waterfall '' in Tantalus located in Oahu with some popular hikes in more detail, Head to Hawaii... Heaven also known as the tallest go on hikes in more detail, Head to our vlogs... A wheelchair-accessible paved trail to a hidden waterfall and several swimming holes hikes i always did when i had on... Resort with the most recognizable hotel on the island over $ 150 USD my record up this hike one! Hike takes off at a steep and challenging route which is still in amazing... Fatality rates for people that overdose on tylenol verrrrry Hawaiian Falls with pool minutes you. To Head up the outside of Koko Crater Botanical Garden Loop each day, you should go: a. And illegal the year accommodation option on the edge of Waikiki that is excellent Value turn! The Crater ’ s possible to continue on the island but then did it twice to host a wonderful of. You would try and spread things like this it ’ s wild slippery. Of our hikes in Hawaii cited and will have to appear in court overated. Main Strip in Waikiki can be seen clearly from the western side was severely with. Grand canyon, should we shut that down as well allow a full day for the mud.!