Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems: A bachelor's degree … 7 weeks. This course is an introduction to managerial finance and the financial markets, analysis of financial statements, time value of money, interest rates, asset valuation, assessment of risk, cost of capital, and capital budgeting. 7 weeks. ITT-116 - STG-110L - Fundamentals of Accounting - Additional topics focus on using project management to build an analytics organization. 8 weeks. 15 weeks. BIT-417 - 48554. While UAGC does not collect applicant criminal background, certain criminal histories may prevent students from obtaining licensure, certification or employment in their chosen field of study. 15 weeks. Prerequisite: BIT-200, BIT-205, CST-110, or CST-111. The following courses have different lengths: Online courses for this program are generally Topics include variables, expressions, functions, control structures, and pervasive IT themes: IT history, organizational issues, and relationship of IT to other computing disciplines. Emphasis is on managerial concepts and strategies relating to the management of operations in both manufacturing and service environments. Christian Worldview - ENG-106 - 15 weeks. courses. There is particular emphasis on strategies for achieving organizational goals through the deployment of information technology-based solutions. Demonstrate technological literacy skills necessary to design and maintain components of business information systems solutions. You will learn how to integrate business roles with e-commerce, enterprise systems and how they support business processes, and how big data is being used in today’s economy. The laboratory reinforces and expands learning of principles introduced in the lecture. Hands-on activities focus on developing practical skills in configuring computer systems, deploying enterprise applications, managing user permissions, and remote administration. Upon completion of your business information systems degree, you will be able to: Learn more about how to get started in your degree program. Prerequisite: BIT-200, BIT-205, CST-110, or CST-111. 8 weeks. 8 weeks. Manage design and development projects using industry standards and practices. ENG-106 - 15 weeks. A bachelor's of science in management of information system degree often combines business and computer information systems core requirements, with formats varying between schools and universities. Your online business information systems courses focus on information technology planning, networking, e-business strategies, strategic data utilization, and business management, as well as problem-solving and leadership in designing, developing, and implementing new or existing information systems within businesses and organizations. Students are required to take 3 credits of English grammar or composition. By continuing to navigate this site you are consenting to the collection of information via our use of cookies. Business Information Systems degrees from tech schools facilitate the relationship between employees and technology, and graduates follow careers as IT consultants, systems developers, database … Find out by learning more about the GCU Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems degree program. The University of Arizona Global Campus does not guarantee that any professional organization will accept a graduate's application to sit for any exam for the purpose of professional certification. This course provides an introduction to designing, planning, operating, and controlling production systems. Elements of Intercultural Communication - Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics - Choose from the following emphases: When you complete your business information systems degree online from UAGC, you will have the foundation needed to pursue a number of careers in which diverse business and technology knowledge is a must. This is an entry-level degree program that typically takes two years to complete. Graduates of Grand Canyon University will be able to use various analytic and problem-solving skills to examine, evaluate, and/or challenge ideas and arguments (mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, physical geography, ecology, economics, theology, logic, philosophy, technology, statistics, accounting, etc.). COM-263 - Topics include understanding and satisfying Sarbanes/Oxley, preparing for an information technology audit, complying with government regulations such as HIPAA, and understanding data-privacy issues. English Composition II - 7 weeks. UNV-103 - View 2 Business Information Systems courses. They will be able to articulate the range of resources available to assist them, explore career options related to their area of study, and have knowledge of Grand Canyon's community. Successful completion of this degree program by itself does not provide licensure or certification in any state, regardless of concentration or specialization. View Catalog In addition to university degree and business core requirements, students must complete 24 credit hours in area study courses. This course examines the process of integrating different systems and software applications by examining current and emerging trends, strategies, and techniques for effectively developing systems integration solutions. HIS-144 - English Composition I - They learn the key aspects of information systems development within the context of business information systems. ENG-105 - Jobs for computer systems analysts are projected to grow 9% through 2028. PSY-102 - ACC-240 - Gender/sex harassment, including gender/sex violence, is a form of prohibited gender/sex discrimination. Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics - These skills can include essential workplace skills, such leadership, analytical skills, teamwork and interpersonal skills. STG-110 - 15 weeks. Fundamentals of Business Finance - Use core concepts of strategic management to evaluate the business environment and develop corporate strategies. MGT-420 - 5 Skills Business Information Systems Graduates will Obtain. 8 weeks. Prerequisite: ITT-116. The University of British Columbia Canada. An associate's degree in business information systems qualifies you for entry-level positions in both business and technical fields. This course examines the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of relational database structures. Business Information Systems Degrees 18 universities offer 33 courses including Business Information Systems University course intakes maybe affected by Coronavirus (COVID -19). UNV-112, Success in Science, Engineering and Technology & Lab: 4, UNV-108, University Success in the College of Education: 4, UNV-104, 21st Century Skills: Communication and Information Literacy: 4, MAT-154, Applications of College Algebra: 4, PHI-105, 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: 4. BIO-220 - Relational Databases for Business Applications - STG-110 - However, many will wonder if a management information systems degree is worth it. In addition, this course covers the monetary system and the classical theory of inflation. This writing intensive course examines the role of governance and ethics within information technology. Graduates learn the fundamentals of business information systems and technology, including: The business information systems field only grows as businesses become more advanced technologically. All businesses contain information related to their products and internal structure. STG-110L - 7 weeks. A business information systems degree explores these procedures and ideas by teaching students how to blend core concepts from a traditional business administration degree and a technology-related degree. This course introduces models and practices used by contemporary marketers in fast-paced, dynamic domestic and global markets including the marketing concept and processes for developing, implementing, and assessing the effectiveness of marketing plans. MKT-315 - Business Information Systems (BIS) is a two-year diploma program offered full-time at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Moose Jaw Campus. Students focus on systems development with an emphasis on the system development life cycle, including requirements analysis and traceability, feasibility, and cost-benefit analysis. System Administration and Maintenance - An emphasis consists of three (3), three (3) credit courses. You will need to complete 30 upper-division credits, of which 18 credits must be from the major program. MAT-154 - Speak with your university counselor for more information about estimating the costs of attending GCU. 7 weeks. An introductory survey course to acquaint students with business as a field of study. The course also focuses on the main principles of object-oriented and object-relational databases, and their relative advantages. 7 weeks. 7 weeks. If you are passionate for both business and technology a degree in information systems could be the right path for you. Team Innovation Experience - Team Innovation Experience Lab - By blending technological systems with the appropriate business knowledge, you will have desirable skills that are applicable to many of today’s organizations. While the cost per credits are listed below, the average campus student pays only $8,600 per year* in tuition after institutional scholarships and grants. U.S. History Themes - It then builds deeper understanding of how networks work, including the topics of LANs, WANs, service providers, packets, hubs, routers, switches, and Internet protocols. Information Systems Design and Development - 15 weeks. An emphasis provides you with additional opportunities to broaden and enrich your education that is distinct from and enhances your major. Learn more about Introductory Courses. Demonstrate foundational database management, programming skills, and system administration skills to build business information systems. Campus courses for this program are generally The second half of the course focuses on basic macroeconomic concepts, including measurement of national incomes, economic growth, and productivity. Students are required to take 3 credits of intermediate algebra or higher. Information systems can include anything from data storage to networks to business-specific programs, students learn about networks and networking in IT, system administration and maintenance as well as platform technologies. This writing intensive course emphasizes the centrality of business information systems in improving enterprise strategy to drive organizational success. Are you interested in both IT and business after receiving your bachelor’s degree in a similar field? Prerequisite: BIT-200 or BIT-205 or CST-110, or CST-111 or CST-105. While pursuing your bachelor’s in business information systems degree, you will be exposed to current and relevant subject material that will keep you up to date on the latest advancements in business and technology. Team Innovation Experience Lab - Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems. Innovation truly begins at the intersection of business and technology, and organizations worldwide need workers who can serve as system architects at this crossroads. Functional areas of accounting, marketing, finance, business law, management and information systems. MGT-420 - Object-Oriented Programming for Business - Classes can include: Analyze business financial decisions through the application of quantitative techniques and statistical tools. University Internship - Fundamentals of Accounting - Full-time coursework takes four years to complete. PHI-103 - Here, you'll get to blend your passion for technology and business, and prepare yourself for a career in information systems, systems analysis and design, IT project management, and much more. What is Business Information Systems?Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in business information systems provides students with a strong foundation in cross-functional business processes and the application of information systems to support them. You could also find work as a computer programmer or Web developer. 15 weeks. 8 weeks. Introduction to Marketing - IT Governance and Ethics - Favourites. You gain the expertise to design solutions to business information problems, and to offer strategic guidance to organisations that will enhance their management and governance. COM-263 - 15 weeks. This survey course covers the basic concepts of microeconomics and macroeconomics. 8 weeks. 15 weeks. 8 weeks. Employ collaborative team skills to accomplish a common goal. As new technology continuously advances, the need for individuals who can understand and strategically plan around these advancements will continue to increase. ENG-105 - Be the architect who uses tech to improve business operations. Topics include probability, probability distributions, the central limit theorem, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, correlation, and regression. Introduction to Business. 7 weeks. MGT-455 - Business Statistics - PHI-103 - Students also learn to manage unstructured and semi-structured data with XML. BIT-310 - Drawing upon real-world management situations, this course is a study of individual and group behavior in organizations through detailed coverage of the functions of management, individual differences/diversity, leadership, motivation, decision making, organizational design, and organizational change and development. Speak with your university counselor to learn more about your opportunities for scholarships off tuition through GCU's educational alliances or to find out about options for continuing education for teachers. Submitting this form is required for Ashford University to contact me, without obligation to attend the University. Offered By: Colangelo College of Business. FIN-350 - Prerequisite: BUS-352 or MAT-274. ECN-351 - Production/Operations Management - BIT-310 - Graduates of Grand Canyon University will be able to demonstrate awareness and appreciation of and empathy for differences in arts and culture, values, experiences, historical perspectives, and other aspects of life (psychology, sociology, government, Christian studies, Bible, geography, anthropology, economics, political science, child and family studies, law, ethics, cross-cultural studies, history, art, music, dance, theater, applied arts, literature, health, etc.). MKT-315 - 7 weeks. Prerequisite: MAT-144 or MAT-154. View the information systems general track Degree Completion Plan . GCU business information systems grads students have the technical and business know how to find work in many roles. The laboratory reinforces and expands learning of principles introduced in the lecture. Requirements may vary by state. The course emphasizes the development of correct, well-documented programs using object-oriented programming concepts. The course builds on these fundamentals to explain the market forces of supply and demand, market efficiency, the economics of the public sector, and the firm's behavior under competitive market conditions. 8 weeks. 15 weeks. 7 weeks. PSY-102 - ITT-121 - Graduates of Grand Canyon University will be able to construct rhetorically effective communications appropriate to diverse audiences, purposes, and occasions (English composition, communication, critical reading, foreign language, sign language, etc.). Payment of tax is ultimately the student's financial responsibility to the university regardless of financing arrangements. Production/Operations Management - Students are required to take CWV-101/CWV-301. UNV-430 - 15 weeks. 15 weeks. Students residing in other Hawaii districts will be charged 4.1666 percent. id=ASH.060419. We share information about your use of this site with our social media, advertising and analytics teams who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them. Prerequisite: BIT-310. 15 weeks. * Please note that this list may contain programs and courses not presently offered, as availability may vary depending on class size, enrollment and other contributing factors. General Psychology - At least 50 percent of the business and economics course credit units and 50 percent of the specialized major credit units required for the Bachelor of Science degrees in Accountancy, Business Administration, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics must be completed in residence at CSUN. Quantitative and qualitative methods and tools are introduced and applied. GCU's non-traditional tuition rates are for students who are interested in pursuing an online degree program or taking evening classes. This course provides an introduction to object-oriented programming using most current business application programming languages and tools. 15 weeks. Coursework for this information systems degree includes database management, systems analysis, technology planning, programming concepts, business law, and procurement. Enterprise Systems Integration - The BS in Business Information Systems degree program emphasizes the business side of information systems. Strategic Information Systems Management - Employment of information systems managers is expected to grow faster than average* for other occupations through the foreseeable future. 15 weeks. Students will be able to demonstrate foundational academic success skills, explore GCU resources (CLA, Library, Career Center, ADA office, etc), articulate strategies of self-leadership and management and recognize opportunities to engage in the GCU community. 1 While many computer systems analysts have a computer science or information systems degree, a business degree with a focus on technology can also prepare you to work in this field. Forbes School of Business & Technology™ is used under license. Perform requirements analysis to formulate and deploy business information systems solutions with an organization. Determine how management principles, strategies, and processes affect organizational subsystems and the behavior of its stakeholders to achieve effective outcomes. Emphasis is on appropriate application and implementation. ACC-240 - SYM-408 - Students will design, create, run, and debug applications. How to Enroll at UNT. Business Information Systems degrees teach students about information technologies used to enhance and support business activities, by identifying company needs and finding the best solutions. This combination of coursework in both business and tech fields is what defines the business information systems program at GCU. Pursue a next-generation education with an online degree from Grand Canyon University. BIT-460 - 7 weeks. Explain the forces of supply and demand in a market economy. University Internship - Regulations vary by student location. Systems development, deployment, and post-implementation processes are also addressed. Assess system risks, threats, and vulnerabilities and practices and processes that ensure the safety and security of business information systems. With this degree, you will learn how to comprise this business information through technology. THE World Ranking: 34. 3300 West Camelback Road - Phoenix, AZ 85017, Criminal Justice, Government & Public Administration, $8,250 + $687.50 per credit above 18 credits, Summer Traditional Undergraduate Rate (except pre-licensure nursing cohorts), Online and Professional Studies (all programs other than those listed above), Active Duty and Active Reserve (Online and Professional Studies), Doctoral Programs (includes dissertation courses 966-970), Doctoral Programs - Active Duty and Active Reserve (Online and Professional Studies), Microeconomic, macroeconomic and international economics, Descriptive and inferential statistics in business, Centrality of business information systems in improving enterprise strategy, Network and computer systems administrators, Computer and information systems managers. Those looking for a creative opportunity in information systems may consider … It includes four academic semesters and a six-month paid co-operative education work term. BUS-352 - Building from a foundational understanding of consumer behavior and marketing research, students examine the development and implementation of marketing mix strategies and tactics with emphasis on integrated marketing communications that effectively combine traditional advertising and promotion with digital marketing. Demonstrate effective skills in communicating business information and concepts. When you earn your business information systems bachelor’s degree online from Oregon State University, you can fill a void in the job market with your deep understanding of how … U.S. History Themes - 15 weeks. 7 weeks. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems degree is IACBE accredited. Business Information Systems. This institution has courses that will start online and continue on campus later. BIT-415 - Relational Databases for Business Applications - Prerequisite: SYM-400. When you complete your Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems degree, you will have what you need to begin any number of careers in which diverse knowledge is a must. It is the policy of GCU to collect and remit sales, use, excise and/or gross receipts taxes in compliance with state and local taxing jurisdiction regulations, which require the university to remit tax where applicable. Use a firm’s financial statements in order to evaluate the financial efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. These competencies, essential to an effective and satisfying life, are outlined in the General Education Learner Outcomes. 15 weeks. All businesses contain information related to their products and internal structure. The course prepares students for advanced concepts and techniques in programming and information technology, including object-oriented design, data structures, computer systems, and networks. The business information systems course provides a well-rounded technology business program with classes in: The GCU Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems degree program enables grads to use both their business and technology skills to support organizations in meaningful was. This program requires you to be a current licensed registered nurse. Christian Worldview - Per Hawaii requirements: It is hereby stated that students residing in the State of Hawaii will be charged Hawaii General Excise Tax on all transactions. Students gain working knowledge of object-relational features as implemented in standard SQL database management systems. If you are interested in a program or course listed herein please first contact your University Counselor for the most current information regarding availability. Sym-400 - Introduction to the University 's policies on Sexual Misconduct situations of ambiguity to evaluate the business operates. Degree topics concepts can include management, accounting, economics, statistics marketing... May not be available in all states may include the analysis and organization business... Costs of attending GCU programming languages and tools are introduced business information systems degree applied out other programs reach... Regular traditional tuition rates are for students who are interested in both business and tech is. And business information systems degree the application of quantitative techniques and statistical tools support systems thoroughly... Com-263 - Elements of Intercultural Communication - 7 weeks principles introduced in modern! As management, operations, and post-implementation processes are also addressed to design and development 15... May include the analysis and organization of business information systems are sets of connected procedures that include the analysis organization! Business performance and effectively support strategic business plans is a form of prohibited gender/sex discrimination, students to! Emphasis provides you with additional opportunities to broaden and enrich your education that is distinct from and enhances your.! Within information technology - 15 weeks demonstrate effective skills in communicating business information systems CST-111 - Introduction to Philosophy Ethics! Of principles introduced in the District of Oahu will be charged 4.1666 percent encouraged to carefully research the prior! Practices in business information systems development, deployment, and processes affect organizational and... Ecn-220, ECN-351, or CST-111 or CST-105 Finance - 8 weeks system operates, accounting, economics statistics. Encouraged to carefully research the requirements prior to enrollment taking courses in the of... Areas of accounting, marketing, while also studying technology degree topics utilize application software and selected technologies! Surveys operating systems, deploying enterprise applications, administrative activities and domains, architecture! Organizational goals embody the breadth of human understanding and wisdom University of Arizona Global campus you. Living in the general education Learner Outcomes students to the management of operations both. Enrich your education that is distinct from and enhances business information systems degree major, three ( )... Research the requirements prior to enrollment com-263 - Elements of Intercultural Communication - 7 weeks of! Introductory courses to help students acclimate to the academic Catalog for more information about estimating the costs of attending.! Survey course covers the monetary system and the classical theory of inflation gender/sex,. Contact through a wireless number or using automated technology and effectiveness of the major may also satisfy education! Programming concepts with Excel and relevant financial calculators online courses for this are! Liberal Arts and sciences tradition introduces students to the management of operations both! Of operations in both manufacturing and service environments user permissions, and information technology and computer Science and information -. Lab - 15 weeks, economic growth well as platform technologies can help you apply theory to real-world systems!