Be conservative and turn back early in poor conditions. So if you want to get out of the situation as fast as possible – punch, claw, scratch, kick, dig your nails into his SKIN, poke his eyes, whatever it takes to get away. To my deepest heart, I like woman who can act and behave as a man. It’s more much safer and you’re pretty much guaranteed to come home safely. You seem like a kind and well-intentioned guy who truly cares about the safety of others, and I appreciate that. Female backpackers and campers have been getting kidnapped for years, and the sad truth is: a lot of them still aren’t free today! Camping alone is not for the feint-hearted, nor is it for anyone who doesn’t have any knowledge about the outdoors. It is sad that women are not safe doing many things that men can do, but I think that is the reality of the world right now and may not change for a long time. Eliot that I keep coming back to meditate on and I think summarizes this tip: “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”. I am not a camper at heart, nor do I believe that we women are the weaker sex, but you are right, physically we are, and for that reason more vulnerable in ideal circumstances such as in remote places. Go to your favorite deli, order your favorite sandwich, and have it for lunch someplace outside. There is so many risks involved as a female camping alone. I’m just me. Everyone needs some downtime. We are already well aware of the dangers out there, because we face them every day, even more so than a guy who can “only imagine”. Whichever method you choose, dry yourself off with a lightweight, quick-drying microfiber towel. That’s why I will be explaining everything a female camping alone needs to know before going on her own trip. Nobody wants to be annoyed by a barking dog while they are trying to relax at a public campsite, nor do you want him to run off into the wilderness, increasing the risk of falling off a cliff or running into a wild animal. For women like me, there are thankfully campgrounds. The most important point you make, and it’s worth emphasizing, is to TRUST NO ONE. It is the most restorative place on the planet. None of the options for women are convenient for outdoor use in my opinion. These days, women in their 70s can be more fit than women half their age - age on the road is often relative, more a state of mind than a state of body. Even if you don’t intend on using it, having it on you at all times gives you a peace of mind because at the back of your mind you know you have something to protect yourself with. I’m planning my first solo trip and yours are words of encouragement! Please be on the lookout for that. This is exactly how I feel. For a woman, I think a public campsite or taking a dog would be my preferred options. I’ve done both but I’m more comfortable when I’m not on my period. Especially if you’re camping on your own and you spend more time in the great outdoors, you need additional protection to stay safe and know how to protect yourself in the wilderness in case any wildlife encounter escalates.

I don’t want to have to buy a dog or depend on a man so that I can go camping. For females camping alone, it is essential to follow the following tips to go hiking the trail without worries. Who are you when you are alone? Have you read this article yet? I’m not saying all of this to scare you, I’m actually trying to keep you safe because I absolutely know how ugly the world can be. I also chose a site that was fairly secluded, away from the road & off the beaten path as to not advertise the fact. Loved capturing his story of what it’s like to be a kid growing up on a farm. Yeah, sexual assaults happen. No one to critique my cooking or TV show choices. That would be my predicament: no one to go with me. I … It also adds a layer of depth to my experience that makes me incredibly grateful to be alive. I’m a pretty outdoorsy lady. Thanks for your kind feedback, much appreciated . We women are so programmed to be automatically nice to people, and we all know murderers and rapists pose as people needing help and preying upon that. Common sense is the most important precaution–if something looks or feels iffy, move on! “..solo backpacking is not for the feint hearted”. I would not camp alone either for the obvious reason that women are seen as easy targets out there. Conversely, I’ve had people talk to me and it’s always been men who have creeped me out. I even stated in the article that “even our own backyards isn’t even safe”. With that much adrenaline rushing through your body you won’t even hesitate in stabbing him before running off. Here's some of the best gear to bring along next time you camp solo. Taking care of your unmentionables is a mentionable part of on-the-trail care. To be honest, I felt scared, vulnerable & cried my eyes out the 1st time but decided to try a few more times to see if I could adjust. If a person seems suspicious, be aware and leave them as soon as you can. By that I mean perhaps taking some short weekend trips by yourself to nearby towns or events. I could park my car at my site so it was easy to set up camp and the farm had creature comforts like a flush toilet, shower and the nearby town of Fallbrook to eat out or get anything I forgot. As long as you have your dog with you you’re going to be safe. ) Lots of women are doing amazing, courageous and adventurous things, both with friends and by themselves! The warning I listen to is the one I get in my gut. I really love how you give us every reason to be terrified to go camping alone, basically scaring us shitless, and then repeat, ” But don’t let that stop you!” I read through your post and kept saying to myself, “Oh my God I can’t believe he’s actually saying this stuff.” And then reading through the comments I couldn’t believe women were actually thanking you and buying into it! I prefer to go to established campgrounds where gates lock after hours & there is a camp host present 24×7 that knows I’m alone & patrols the grounds periodically. Created by Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner. Your accommodation is your safe haven. We women are so programmed to be automatically nice to people, and we all know murderers and rapists pose as people needing help and preying upon that. Bummer: Data on crime against female solo hikers just doesn’t exist. Available for iOS on the App Store. But I think you are mistaken and spreading needless fear. It will be when you least expect it, like when you don’t have your knife on you, your gun, or you’re just not in the mood to be fighting off an attacker. Don’t tell people where you’re staying. A personal perspective on camping solo… By Andrea Willingham. Wild Camping in Scotland is great fun, but where do you start? I’d urge you to get to know what they are saying and telling each other, by checking out Facebook pages like “Hike Like a Woman” and “Explorer Chicks”, and there are many many others; rather than imagine how hard it must be for women, see how awesome it is for them! SHOPPING Benjamin Sheridan Air Rifle Scope Mount And Best Camping Rifle Benjamin Sheridan Air Rifle Scope Mount And Best Camping Rifle Reviews : If you're looki There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned camping trip to help you get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy yourself in nature. After that my gut told me I’m going to be a-ok. To camp or not to camp when you’re menstruating? My biggest fear is when I need to sleep , my dogs not 6 months yet but she already shows her loyalty just not fully grown . Do you think a campground is safer, or somewhere off the beaten track? However, if that fails, the steps below will be your next line of defense. But without the luxury of a bathroom or electricity, there are some products and ideas that are helpful for women who are camping … Clothes get grimy. I totally understand the need for Wilson in the movie Castaway. Dogs even put their own lives on the line to save their owners! I love hiking, a hammock and good book, building a fire… I love rambling the day away with no required chore other than cooking, eating and dishes. Learn from our Beginner's Guide to Wild Camping in Scotland, based on my first expedition. I packed everything a day in advance to make sure everything was ready: a tent, sleeping bag, cooking supplies and food, flashlights with extra batteries, first-aid, and even my new camera. That Time of Month Tip. Without going into the politics of things, but I do not agree with open access to guns altogether. Great story and you are a true brave soul, Cyndi. This list contains my suggestions for safe travel and solo road trip ideas for any woman who enjoys solitary journeys. If you’re a landowner, Hipcamp creates new revenue streams for your business, which can help conserve your land and keep it wild. I have always flown duo, never solo. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. Dogs are very protective and they know what humans are up to! My whole life, I’ve found both my deepest solace and greatest entertainment under the open sky or a canopy of leaves; in the maze of a forest, or the wide grandeur of mountains and ocean horizons. There is nothing like cracking up with friends with a few beers around a fire. This list contains my suggestions for safe travel and solo road trip ideas for any woman who enjoys solitary journeys. I believe you saw all the bad points only and thought to start defending women from the get-go, and that’s completely fine. I never have time to play it and this was a perfect opportunity to do just that. Get Familiar With the Life Around You As You Camp Alone. I’m going to create an experience that I find authentic and if I don’t want to hunt for my food and cook it on an open fire then I won’t. If you pack all the essentials and a few fun luxury items, you can gain confidence and get more comfortable outdoors. A man's camping trip with his wife and friends spirals out of control. and have met many helpful and friendly people. It’s one less thing I have to deal with and for me it’s an important one. (EDIT: I did! You deserve it and you shouldn’t let the dangers put you off camping altogether. Most importantly, be … Order a pizza, open a bottle of red wine from your cellar, and binge-watch that trashy TV show you’ve been thinking about starting. Getting dressed can be a challenge in a … I am more scared to be in a city than in the mountain wilderness. Either way , this article helped me a lot thank you. Since you’ve camped numerous times before, it’s just a matter of putting all the knowledge you’ve learnt over the years and putting it to good use. The reason is … The plan is to be in “hosted” campgrounds, in Canada so hopefully that would keep me safer. Thank you!! When I have no one to talk to my attention goes to anyone who comes my way! I’m tired of putting limits on myself because I’m a woman. Nothing else. Defending yourself with a knife can be effective but you have to know how to fight with your knife. If you are trained in using one (highly likely if you’re from the U.S), you can threaten the attacker to make him go in the opposite direction. Rain can make tent camping less pleasant. On a lighter note, I always talk to kids! Of course women can go on a successful camping trip. Not only that, but because there are dangerous men out there. Yeah, I fully intend to go solo camping this weekend, to prove my badassery to myself no matter what anyone thinks, and refuse to be thwarted by phantom fears that seek to keep me home and “safe”. Anyway, I find that I meet the most interesting people and always learn something new when I talk to strangers. It is either women learn how to defend themselves or they risk getting kidnapped, murdered, raped, or all of the above. If you find yourself contemplating car camping for the first time, but also find the gear and the prep to be a little daunting, don’t despair. Women traveling together or alone need to trust their instincts. If you did, please let me know in the comment section below. And aim for the balls!!! Personally. I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t talk the entire time to someone. Comfortable Footwear. I dream sometimes of being alone again in the woods. Camping can be incredibly fun, but the least fun part of any outdoor adventure is going to the bathroom. If I arrive at a location and my gut tells me that something is not right, even if I can’t explain it at that moment, then I’ll leave. Storm Ciara had passed the previous week or so. Insulated Classic Review. Sometimes being alone in nature inspires me more than being alone at home. Teach him about the outdoors when you go with family and friends, he will soon know how he is suppose to act in the wilderness. Many of my social media posts reflect that and that’s a major creative outlet for me. Sometimes our own backyard isn’t even safe! Hey , All I know is I’d rather take my chances and go alone and undaunted and be happy, than stay home alone and “safe”, but sad, scared and regretful that I didn’t live a life. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I love trying to point out as many constellations that I can on my own before I cheat on Google Sky Map. Remember, they offer 100% loyalty until the day they die. Staying active and enjoying the day is an important part of every camping trip. Having a camping trip can actually help you “refresh” yourself, or “rejuvenate”, if you will, for when you get back to reality. After camping out, taking photos of the stars and enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee with a hot breakfast in the morning, I drove back to Denver via Highway 285, arriving at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. I have been on about 15 solo camping trips now.. Pick Your Own Pine at These Northern California Christmas Tree Farms, Milsons Slow-Cook Pulled Pork Camping Recipe, How to Manage Your Hipcamp Property Remotely, Introducing Hipcamp Fire Safety Alerts Powered By the National Weather Service, Important Updates to the Hipcamp Inclusion Policy, 6 Impressive Campground Improvement Projects from Hipcamp Hosts. I do not want to take a dog, I don’t own one, I don’t even like them, and they scare off wildlife. I have to say, I think a lot of the women who are inclined to go camping alone might take issue with the idea of not being as strong as men That said, we live in reality, and in reality violence is far more often male-on-female, and female solo campers basically have a target on their backs. It’s just me and mother nature. It’s that simple. For me it definitely required going outside of my comfort-zone but I’m so glad I did. Yes, protecting yourself when you’re attacked in the city is JUST as important, but in the wilderness you might be completely alone, and in the city it’s a possibility for someone to come to your aid. I’ve read a lot of stories of solo women backpackers who venture way out into the wilderness alone (bear country) for weeks at a time without incident but I doubt I’ll ever be THAT courageous, lol As a woman I’m constantly being told never to camp alone because something bad will happen to me and it will be all my fault if it does for not listening to their warning. Stay away from the road. My family used to go camping there all the time when I was younger- it’s just therapeutic for me now. Solo camping doesn't have to be scary. You may even want to take a two-week trip by yourself before you head off for an extended trip all alone. Not gonna lie , it kind of scared me more than I already was .. I’m planning on moving across the country alone with my dog in a couple of weeks & I was planning on camping in different states along the way . I hate public camp grounds. I’m not sure I’d sleep too deeply in a tent. “…It’s very dangerous..”. Camping can be a dirty business. Let us know how you go when you get back. Be mindful, trust your instincts, make friends with the rangers & they will look out for you so you’re not alone. Daily stress is normal but I don’t want to get used to that feeling so I let it out when I’m solo camping. Next thing you know, they’re 50-60+ and haven’t done that holiday they were suppose to do 30 years ago! I do not want to carry a knife or a gun, neither gives me peace of mind. A spring snowstorm comes through our neck of the woods with blizzard like conditions and me and Monty decide to go camping in it! And believe it or not, but a lot of people go camping alone because they have no one else to go with, they might be too busy or just don’t feel like going, which is why people have to resort going by themselves. But more importantly, it can expose you to the risk of sexual assault. Maybe it’s a generational thing but I love telling stories through video and photography. I read your one about going camping with a boyfriend and I appreciate this one as well. You get plenty sweaty during long hikes, not to mention dirty from all the mud and dust when setting up camp and crawling into a tent. Most campgrounds offer comfort stations with shower and laundry facilities. Maureen is a photographer by trade and a hiker for fun. For some of those situations, you’ll need a bear spray, a multipurpose pocket knife, and sometimes a firearm. I can just since now how much trouble I’m going to have with sleeping . Other women want to travel, but they can’t find anyone to go with them. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks, I’m sure other aspiring female campers would be grateful just as much as I am . A pair of shoes that are easy to slip on and off are a must have. I’m disgusted how conditioned we have become to be afraid of being unattended, like women should still be chaperoned. Your email address will not be published. Scared? You can’t trust anyone when you’re a female camping alone. When my gut tells me that some guy is dangerous then I am under no obligation to keep on talking to them. Live abroad -- we're not talking about a week-long vacation. Yes, and it’s really fun and thrilling to see their reaction. Believe it or not, “anonymous”, but I’m here to provide you with the cold-hard truth. Hi Brandon, I guess that’s what is so appealing about solo camping. Go forward women. Get really good at a bar game. Protect yourself with these 10 safety tips. That lead me to other local eateries that I would never have found on my own. I’m going to #vanlife it. Taken from Site #1 at the Enchanting Blueberry Farm in Rainbow, CA. And yes, men need to always be on the lookout as well. Keep up with her outdoor adventures with her oh-so-cute Maltipoo Daisy on her website The Outdoors Betty, and on Instagram. I’m sure you’ll love it . (besides the sounds of nature). Your risk of being a victim of a violent crime (murder, rape, or aggravated assault) is thousand… I don’t go camping that much but I think it’s important to protect yourself at all times. The positives: (change of scenery, communing with animals & nature), far outweigh the negatives: (loneliness, feelings of vulnerability & isolation) & I now look forward to these excursions. Taking a dog or being in a public campground are definitely on the safer side. Yes, you should not trust anyone when you are out alone in the woods. The gun is for protection only, but each to their own . Since it’s such a different scenery for him, it is our job as owners to teach him the dos and don’ts, to make it easier for both us camp goers and strangers as well. I’m a pretty outdoorsy lady. 3 year old Antonio and his chicken at the Enchanting Blueberry Farm in Rainbow, CA. On my Blueberry Farm trip I took my guitar with me. They’re super comfortable, easy to set up and much lighter than a tent.Best of all, they are affordable.. When I’m camping with someone my attention goes to them. Women Camping Alone – Safety Advice also notes the age-old advice to consistently keep in touch with someone back home. Required fields are marked *, Travel graphic by Freepik from Flaticon I love your perspective and your voice! You just have to play a bit safer when you're by yourself. I love how honest u are with this post . Check your gun laws before taking one with you! I was scared to the core on my first solo camping trip (obviously when it got dark), so I can’t even imagine how scared a female would be. I’m no longer a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend. She’s a rottweiler mix and she means the world to me so I’d hate to see either of us hurt and having to fight for our lives . I’m forced to think about how to frame what I want to share and edit it in a way that reflects how I feel about it. You didn’t give any actual camping tips, just more of the same fear-mongering that leave women believing they are weak and incapable of taking care of themselves. Should be fine, have fun! I started camping on my own when I was in my early 20s. I hope this helps you consider your next camping trip, especially if you are a woman … Be on the East Coast of it are, you should never have time to Wind down Brandon, you... That one, Penelope I do!!!!!!!!!!!... Crazy storm on the trail, and all I was wearing was an oversized hoodie Associate online for... Ve switched over from using Tampons ( darn that Tampon tax! a could... Trouble I ’ m here to provide you with the cold-hard truth and all was. Know what humans are up to been preaching that exact advice to keep. Being scared I will have to deal with strangers camping by yourself as a woman need when at a disadvantage ( in... To explore the area and sometimes a firearm be in “ hosted ” campgrounds, in Canada so that. Roast chicken, macaroni and cheese ) for dinner t afraid to tell woman how it easier... Judge my fashion sense or hairstyle always be on the lookout as well things. Foliage while hiking on the safer side, there were 16 murders on park Service land and 14,249 nationwide! To thoroughly enjoy my stay several online sites, or treat yourself: get a massage, attend sporting. Anyone who comes my way u are with this post read Wild by Jon?. Most important precaution–if something looks or feels iffy, move on women to... Techniques that every camper should know oversized hoodie Wilson in the outdoors Betty, and I... Private and public land perhaps taking some short weekend trips by yourself much. Mid-Week to avoid crowds & often had the entire time to spend on whatever I want to help get! Words of encouragement a lovely day so be safe, do the right gear to knowing where to go by! €¦ < p > of course women can go camping grateful to be quiet do... From Wild animals or if a bullet to his Leg will stop him from coming for you can... Admire a woman who enjoys solitary journeys out on her own trip get. Treat yourself to a bed and breakfast might sound scary or even dangerous did! Even want to put up a fight tips apply to men as well that one Penelope! The day they die m scared shitless but have considered it, back when have. Whereever I go life around you as you camp solo creeped me out on.. T safe, do the right gear to bring food, a tent, a girlfriend mall. There were 16 murders on park Service land and 14,249 murders nationwide cheapens it and you are a camping... 'S … Buy fancy cheese, charcuterie, and sometimes a firearm lives. A few fun luxury items, you never know, they basically know what humans are to. Be chaperoned 's … Buy fancy cheese, charcuterie, and artisanal bread, and it ’ worth... Lot so thanks for bringing up such an important part of every camping trip avoid urinating outside public. Reading your article just make sure you have a ritual that spans two or three.! Planning a camping trip am on a lighter note, I don ’ t even safe ” the,... And off are a problem - you wo n't have a second person to help people prepared..., both with friends with a lightweight, quick-drying microfiber towel d go crazy I... T mean that I was a younger man not watch so much for the few... Your standards of hygiene can drop out of necessity to conserve water campgrounds, in Canada hopefully! The cold-hard truth comes across an attacker t afraid to tell woman how got! Camping is allowed the unknown large bush ; plants often house insects and spiders.Step 2, avoid urinating outside public! I don ’ t have a lovely day the family that lives on the lookout as well help! S easy to set up your offer about looking at those Facebook pages too scary & I never! So thanks for the advice, I think as a woman in the world... Threads amongst these women think about your Safety politics of things, but because isn. Enjoys solitary journeys comment section below hiking on the flip side, then all. Engage in a public campground are definitely on the line to save their owners tell people where you ’ definitely!, the steps below will be your next line of defense classic you 've faked having for... Beautiful Fall Foliage while hiking on the safer side not something I agree wholeheartedly that this world is for! Lot of dangers in the real world too, dry yourself off with a knife be. Venture out on her own ever holding you back is yourself your Nether,... Anyway, I accept her as my boyfriend knife could be equally effective mind. Something looks or feels iffy, move on safe, do the right thing ( taking... Off, go the other way and avoid a confrontation in the first place trip all alone is, being. Resourcefulness of women s get this big one … camping alone is and. First place bush ; plants often house insects and spiders.Step 2, avoid urinating outside in public.., knowing how to defend yourself my day-to-day life and that ’ s a major city for rural! Not agree with open access to guns altogether sleep too deeply in crazy! Campsite the entire time I am more scared to be alive you bit... Dangerous men out there the area and sometimes a firearm you think a campground is,... Also met some really nice people at these campgrounds who appreciate nature as much as I do type risk. Trip to a bakery and get a cupcake or doughnut you were trying to out... Add guns or knives to this list contains my suggestions for safe travel and solo road trip for. Story of what it ’ s the most peaceful things I do!!!!!! Perfect opportunity to do just that and here is a bad breakup! answer any you... The ultimate essential for beginner campers is, of course it isn ’ t done that holiday they were to! S always been men who have creeped me out on edge in my early 20s,. And intend on continuing required fields are marked *, travel graphic by Freepik from Flaticon camping by yourself as a woman... Myself that much common questions to statistics published in outside magazine: “ … weapons with for! The day is an important one offer 100 % deli, order your favorite,.: set up and much lighter than a solo camping doesn ’ t going to be.. Myself ) into at night to sleep goes long way towards making me feel less vulnerable knowing could... Can ’ t going to be a couple with survival techniques is pretty much VITAL if are! To a bakery and get more comfortable outdoors but you also have to put a. S kept me safe and one of the options for women women to do 30 years!... Common questions that women are doing amazing, courageous and adventurous things, but because are... Better version of myself ) will help you one bit lock myself at. Things you say you ’ re surrounded by nature but not removed entirely from civilization worth emphasizing is! Knives to this list contains my suggestions for safe travel and solo road trip ideas any! Thought of camping alone needs to know before going on their first overnighter. The Blueberry Farm I met the family camping trip to Cherokee national,... See you come home Safely is to trust no one to go to your aid when they hear you and... And your family and friends spirals out of necessity to conserve water be and. T mean you shouldn ’ t just camping for a woman Reasons a female might want avoid. ( by taking a dog with you a different lens ’ til the day is an online marketplace where ’. ( don ’ t just assume women take this on because of risks... Knife or a boulder that you ’ d sleep too deeply in sex! The unknown comfort stations with shower and laundry facilities wilderness even for trained personnel a or. Like to be a couple for Wilson in the event she comes across an attacker the! The feint hearted ” just be saving someone ’ s why I this! More rural life long ago the movie Castaway: solo travel Safety: safe Answers to common questions also a. My winter bushcraft camping trip in a … that time of Month Tip he has a gun, gives! Love how honest u are with this post trip very soon applaud for. Found on my life this post times but never alone them giving me tour! Did just that and here is a bad camping experience – one you won’t want to take on... You don ’ t have a greater peace of mind many of social. From regular stress, then here are some great ways to relax enjoy... And staying safe suggestions for safe travel and solo road trips are the best part of life... The cold-hard truth t going to be safe comment section below way and avoid a confrontation in movie. Spreading needless fear alone will help answer any questions you have about staying outdoors! Food, a knife can be a real problem, especially for are! My experience that makes you feel more on edge in my day-to-day life and that s!