Lichen can be found on many maple varieties, but it's more commonly seen on mature trees. I'm not sure how big this particular hole is- but you can also use pruning wax (available in a can) for filling holes that aren't incredibly huge. Another disease, Maple Tree Tar Spot, starts to appear in June with tiny yellow spots that turn black as the summer progresses. Everything seemed to be fine but now most of the leaves are dead (dry up and turn brown) on one of the larger trees and the other one has lost a lot of the leaves in the top 1/3 of the tree. All my research says the tree is stressed, but I cannot figure out why. You can call your local Cooperative Extension office to see what fungicides are legal in your state. floridanum (Chapm.) I live in long Island and Have a Maple that is around 30 years old - I have noticed the last 2-3 years that healthy branches are simply dying throughout the summer. The fungus winters-over on fallen leaves. If so, contact an arborist as the tree may be structurally unsound, and may possibly fall over in the next windstorm. Leaf scorch can be remedied with deep watering during hot or windy conditions. Is there anything I should look for to help determine a cause? Thanks for any comment. Powdery mildew is like what it sounds like - a white powdery substance on the branches and leaves of a plant. Acer rubrum 'Florida Flame', Florida Flame Maple 'Florida Flame' is a more consistent grower (compared to the variable red maple species) with bright red emerging foliage and good fall color, even in Florida. The spots can also appear on the seeds (samaras). Did we damage or kill the tree? I have a row that are so big around, it takes 2, sometimes 3 people to join hands around them! They are slow to establish, have poor branching structure and, most importantly, they are susceptible to long-term trunk injury or damage, which results in internal rot and decay. 813-328-1288 Florida maple is native to Florida and naturally occurs primarily in the pandhandle, with small isolated populations in Central Florida. The underlying cause of your problem may be related to the amount of sunlight your tree is receiving. are there any other stress factors, fungi, dieback, insects at the spot? Your tree is probably healthy - it was just a prime year for seed production. Hi, I've been planting sugar maples (small 18-24 inch saplings) on my property in Michigan for 5 years. In a report by the USDA tracking sapstreak in sugar maples, they note that "[s]ometimes disease progression . Fusiform Rust. Over time, the maple tree will develop a canker that looks like a stack of paper that has been split and peeled back. I have a young maple that has little pointed tips on the face of all the leaves, they are about 1/4 inch long and there are about 10 to 20 on every leaf. My husband did tree spikes in the drip line and broadcast fertilizer in the fall. Feel free to call your local Cooperative Extension as well- they can tell you if there is a disease or frost damage issue in your area. Question: Why aren't my Purple Maples purple? Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on January 06, 2011: Hi Jerry, So sorry for the delay in responding to you. Where the leaves curl it can be just the "toes" of the leaf or the whole leaf. It doesn't seem to have any long-lasting effects on the places where it grows. I have 4 acer atropurpureum maples.. 3 are doing well no problems... but one something (I think) eating the leaves... some of the leaves have fallen off the others have very light brown marks on them, kind of thin lines then bigger in parts.... edges of the leaves look like they have been nibbled ...I have had a good look on and under the leaves and so far haven't spotted anything... it's a small plant as ive only had them since last year.. Anthracnose is commonly mistaken for tar spot. Soil is not very well drained, high amounts of clay and low lying, and it has been a very rainy year so far and much of last one too, but the tree has good drainage from where it stands as our yard slopes from there. As for your tree not growing as fast as you think it should, many maples this year and last were stressed because of the late frost that hit them. Lichen gets everything it needs to thrive from the air rather than its host surface. With diversity in function, height, bark texture and leaf color, there’s a maple tree (Acer spp.) Next, I would make sure that the tree gets enough water if you don't have a lot of rainfall- your tree will need this kind of TLC all summer. Then why are my trees the only ones not growing :(. You can search by state to find out about the invasive insects in your area, complete with photos and descriptions. if the leaves are flacid then it maywell be lack of water, long slow infrequent soakings are the best, glory maples is a common name and these vary in different locations, you are better sticking to the latin names. Question: My maple tree is in a pot. I haven't seen anyone else here with this problem. The bark often splits between the diseased and the healthy tissue, and sometimes it may ooze sap or moisture. This hardy family is sun-loving, and each displays colorful and showy fall colors. Red maple trees are popular but suffer from a number of problems. Alternatively, you may also contact the Cooperative Extension office in your area (the closest one is probably on the OSU campus) to see if someone could come look at your tree to make an on-site diagnosis of the problem. In some cases—especially with house plants—propagators actually select infected plants since consumers like the way that the infection looks. The leaves themselves look fine but they look wet and shiny. Could you please advise me if there is any treatment I could do to help it? Growing maple trees can lead to the sweet reward of making your own maple syrup. The black residue is just the sap. Valsa canker This disease of maple trunks will normally affect only young trees or small branches. its slow release, has nitrogen in it, helps to reduce evapotranspiration, helps retain moisture!, protects from cold weather. Your tree should recover - don't cover or treat the areas where the limbs were cut, as they will heal on their own. Be sure to wait for a good weather day to apply the fungicide, with little or no wind. they just stay on the limbs too. I'd like to help this tree before it's shade is completely gone. While sooty mold mainly affects plants and trees that honeydew-secreting insects love, the mold can also effect maples. Woodpeckers are active on the tree. Scorch symptoms are light brown or tan dead areas between leaf veins or around the leaf margins. Many red maple cultivars have been selected for fall color and specific crown shapes. Last year it was not as full and this year it has even less leaves than last years. Sometimes, whole branches or the entire crown can wilt and die in a short period of time. Some trees are more susceptible to certain types of galls than others, and some galls occur only in certain regions of the country. Problems such as pests and diseases typically attack weakened maples. Two trees (Same Size) 2 1/2" trunks 12' -14' tall were planted two seasons ago within 20 miles of one another. In my case, the temps were in the high 80's to 90's for over a week without rain. It causes cigar-shaped galls, often with yellow pustules, on the main stem of the tree. Now we have a second double trunk that the very same thing is happening to although as I scraped out this peat type material the bugs inside were also tiny but brown and look like ants. Most of the needle diseases are merely unsightly and pose no long-term threat to the tree’s survival. Sapstreak isn't easy to catch because it mainly affects the inside of the tree. The maple tree tar spot is fairly easy to identify. We had two tree people come out to look at it, one told us it was drought and wind damage and to fertilize in the fall. Sooty mold feeds on the sticky honeydew left by aphids and scale insects, which can sometimes be found on maple trees. Provide it with more sunlight, and the leaves will turn back to a purple shade. In the long term would bracing the trunks help to prevent the splitting? is arrested and recovery ensues, even in trees with more than 40 percent crown dieback." we have a maple tree that has some leaves turning a crispy brown on several limbs. Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on June 07, 2010: Hi Mike in Houston, The problem your tree is experience is probably related to either not enough water throughout the growing season (the Japanese maple needs a lot! But again the whole neighborhood has the same soil. We've had a wet spring, so I've watered only after a couple days of dry weather using Miracle Grow and other types of fertilizer. Powdery mildew doesn't often cause lasting harm to the tree that it's on because it just sits on the top of the leaf (as opposed to getting inside the roots or eating holes in the leaves). Once the top of the tree has been cut off, especially a very young tree, it may not reach its true height. (I'm guessing they were probably around during the Civil War or even earlier). Diseases. Call your local Cooperative Extension office to see if they can come out and take a core sample to test. It is too bad if they're causing trouble for you, since they're great shade trees. Sign up for our newsletter. Valsa canker – This disease of maple trunks will normally affect only young trees or small branches. Woodpeckers can hear insects under the bark and in dead wood, and that is what attracts them. In addition, try using a one-time application of a tree fertilizer to help your tree recover more quickly. Should I try to get rid of them and if yes, how do I go aboput it? If you're still unsure whether your tree has anthracnose or not, contact your county Cooperative Extension office- they can come out and examine your trees to make a correct diagnosis. The fungus then inches upwards from the root system and infects the trunk of the tree. Under the branches are little white cottony balls - about the size of an eraser. Older maples tend to leaf out on the outermost part of the branches, while the inner parts of the branches have fewer leaves and small branches. Leaf Scorch: On maple (Acerspecies) trees a number of problems cause symptoms that are generally classified as leaf scorch. Leaves simply die and fall off while the rest of the tree is healthy. The feeding tunnel is in the heartwood close to the bark or cambium layer. The the trunk is >1 ft in diamter and has a split trunk (i.e two main stems from the base). Leaves that curl around a dead-looking brown spot, tan or brown spots near the leaves' veins, cankers, dying young branches, and premature leaf loss. you should be able to go to the above link, which is another hub of mine and email me there. Sapstreak is a ground-living fungus that generally enters the tree's system via an injury near the roots or bottom portion of the tree. This Spring only about 25% of the tree is leafing out. All our other Norway's on the property are doing fine. (I could forward you some pictures if these could be of any). The trees have always been healthy, dark nicely shaped leaves and beautiful and they appeared to have the same amount of leaves as they always do. Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on July 20, 2010: Hi Brian, I live in NY too. The inner bark turns black and sometimes gives off a foul odor. Thank you for any help you can provide. If your tree has these spots, which then causes leaves to curl in mid-July, it may have a different disease called Anthracnose. There are many kinds of maple tree diseases, but the ones that people are most commonly concerned with affect the trunk and bark of maple trees. You shouldn't feel a pressing need to eliminate lichen because it's not harmful, but you can use copper fungicides if you don't want to see them on your maples. and the leaves have started to turn white and its not bird droppings or any thing it doesn't come off im not sure what's happening to them? silver maple leasions in bark / separating 8 or 10 years old 30ft tall - we live in texas near austin. Charlotte formerly worked as an editor of a garden channel and has extensive knowledge of plant care. These diseases are the cause of significant replacement expense of yard trees but take a major toll on the commercial expense of … Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on July 11, 2010: Hi Randy, I'm guessing that the leaves have spots, like tar spots? Hopefully there won't be a late frost again next year! Maple trees can leaf out more than once during a growing season if they are stressed, so hang in there. Hi S. Baker, The spots sound like a fungal problem, but it also sounds like possibly something more serious, like verticillium wilt. any way to save it? Frost cracks – Similar to sunscald, on the southern side of the tree cracks, sometimes deep cracks will appear in the trunk. Any thoughts? I bought a "multipurpose fungicide, insecticide, and miticide" a while back (per the recommendation of the nursery where I bought the tree), but when I got home, I realized the directions said "Do not apply to wilted or otherwise stressed plants or to newly transported material prior to root establishment" - and it looks to me like the tree is pretty stressed out. Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on September 20, 2010: Hi Bruce, There is a borer beetle that likes maple trees - the Asian Longhorned Beetle. It continues to lose bark, sometimes in large pieces. Yes, pruning/shaping the tree to reduce the weight on the limbs would definitely help. Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on June 10, 2010: Hi June, The gall condition won't kill the tree, but it is unsightly. Maple trees are susceptible to numerous fungal diseases that cause cankers--areas of dead bark--on tree trunks and branches. Eventually the tree’s vascular system … Thank you! The University of Hawai'i has created an amazing PDF that explains the mold's lifecycle and is complete with many photos of the mold. What has me concerned is the description of a peat-like material and the color of the insects; I'm not sure whether something is eating your tree (beetle), or if your tree is rotting. The infection is often tree-specific, so a strain that affects a sugar maple likely won't affect a Japanese maple. The leaves usually fall off in the early spring, followed by a second set of leaves which also die off. Doesn't sound unreasonable, but not really sure what the root cause is, so hesitant how best to act. I don't see any damage to bark or any sign of insects. Many thanks in advance - Annie. No leaves, branches are very brittle and brake easly. On the same branch one leaf could be curling tightly and the one adjacent could be perfect. The tar spot seen on maples is caused by three related fungi, Rhytisma acerinum, R. americanum and R. punctatum. I think the Bayer Advanced should help with reducing stress to your tree. There are red/black dots on the top of the leaves also (looks like your maple bladder gall pictures) but we have had that in the past. Though sunset maple trees, often referred to as 'Red Sunset', are prized as the most successful red maple cultivar, issues may still arise. Failure to control verticillium wilt can kill your tree, so it is important to correctly identify the disease and quickly remedy the problem. Verticillium wilt, common to all species of maples, attacks the tree from infected soil, where it may lay dormant for up to five years. You can let the mildew sit, and it may resolves itself. You can brush the mildew off or apply horticultural oils. Thanks so much taking the time to post all the information here on your hub. Currently there are several species of beetle that are invading maple and ash trees, killing them in large numbers. It affects the tree's vascular system, which usually kills the entire plant. Unfortunately, maple tree tar spot is spread on the wind, which means that your tree can get reinfected next year if spores happen to hitch a ride on the right breeze. You can get this product at places like WalMart, Lowe's and other similar stores or garden nurseries. It may also be aphids on the other tree causing the sticky honeydew you are describing. Disease Symptoms Pathogen/Cause Management; Anthracnose: Norway maple: narrrow, purple to brown streaks occur along the leaf veins. Although, cankers are unsightly, most will not kill a tree. The bugs seem to be gone. whatever you do, you have to be careful of the roots no chopping them. Answer: You may trim the roots, but only if it hasn't started to leaf out yet. The gall making maple borer, maple callus borer and the Colombian timber beetle are the worst pests to affect the Red Maple tree. The verticillium fungus causes yellowing of leaves and premature dropping. Growing in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 10, depending on the species, the thin-barked, shallow-rooted trees are often attacked through wounds caused by … Hi Scott M., I think you are describing Maple Leaf Gall, which is a fungus. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and apply it at the base of the tree to ensure the roots absorb the mix ingredients. Other times, a tree can succumb in as little as two or three years. "Woodpeckers feed on carpenter worm larvae. I do not notice anything strange on any of the leaves. Question: It is mid-April, and we had to trim some branches from our maple tree for a garage delivery. It had a brown soft center 3/4 inch in diameter surrounded by normal wood. Thans. There seems to be insects the move within the bark of the tree. Question: My red maple looks like it’s evenly coated in something shiny. Most fungal growths are brown or black, not white, on maple trees. It won't kill the tree. In response to the photos you posted, you could remove the wooden boards from around the tree for aesthetic reasons, and it would prevent litter from collecting there. I have lived in my house for 24 years and they were large trees even then. Branch dieback progresses until much of the tree is dead. What is this? In addition, if the leaves seem smaller this year (and perhaps last year as well), I believe it may be due to the late frosts we've had. Get the kind of braces that are covered with rubber or a similar thick, soft material so that they don't dig into the tree. ‘Florida Flame' has brilliant red fall color, while the leaves of ‘Summer Red' start off red in spring and then turn yellow, orange, or purple before they drop. The spots first appear as small yellow spots in June. Rest assured, your tree will recover from scorch. This can cause splits in the bark of maple trees. In fact, some people cultivate for this. The taller it gets, the longer the roots are going to be. Answer: If Woodpeckers are actively seeking bugs on your tree, it may have an infestation of some kind. The only thing to be done, other than ignore it, is to treat it with a fungicide. But no maple should appear stunted, discolored, or covered with fungal fruiting bodies. Your tree should rebound by mid-July; maple trees are generally very hardy. The limb may have been dead and stuck up in the branches for a while before it finally fell down, which would explain the brown, soft center. When your maple tree doesn’t look right to you, there might be a disease, a fungus, or a pest problem to blame. Any ideas why? Over the past few weeks, after a prolonged period of dry and very hot weather in NY, the leaves have turned from red to a greenish brown color and are drooping. Just within the last week or two I have noticed that the leaves are uniformily turning scarlet color, however are not dried out or spotted in any way. Where can I send a picture to? Sounds like you're the go to guy for maple problems! Had a tree guy over he said to cut it down. I have a maple tree that has the Maple Spindle Gall. It doesn't look like tar spot, but the dots look like they're part of the leaf so I am wondering if it is a disease. Whatever it is has now spread to the redbud which is also in front of my home. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. As for the tree not faring well, it probably will rebound since you have taken steps to correct the exposed root. Red maples face problems derived from diseases. The diseases reveal themselves when fungal fruiting bodies appear as mushrooms at the tree's base. Charlotte Gerber (author) from upstate New York on September 01, 2010: Hi Ken, It could be several things, from scorch on the leaves (occurs in dry weather, high temps or windy conditions) to anthracnose (there's more info on this in this hub above). I am very attached to my baby tree and want to see it survive. Make sure your tree gets plenty of water during drought periods this year and perhaps use a liquid tree fertilizer or tree fertilizer spikes to help it quickly get over any stress. Your Life has called and left you a message: get one, and spend less time surfing the Internet. I do still have newer leaves emerging on the problematic tree, but the tree sometimes looks wilted. Any ideas as to what's happening and how I can fix it? Alternatively, the Japanese maple is susceptible to two other problems that cause similar leaf problems: aphids (visible on the underside of leaves), which leave a sticky residue - I use Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub, as it kills sucking insects and fertilizes at the same time. Limbs and branches with cankers should be pruned back to the closest main joint. Occasionally, this fungus will also appear as red balls on the bark of the maple tree. Service: 20, 2010: hi Indoor Greenhouse Guy- thanks for the tree not well... 'S more commonly seen on mature trees n't recommend regular wood putty to fill the trunk,. N'T raining frequently, give the tree that provides a dramatic color change during the Civil or. Any long-term damage/death your red maple about 60 years old ) this it... Least once a year round headache as far as maintenance phytophthora root rot caused! Were probably around during the fall Fireglow about 2 weeks ago splits between the diseased and the years! Only needs to thrive from the us National Forest Service likely needs to thrive from the wound savage day. Affect the tree heal more efficiently ( allegedly ) is 60 feet tall tar in the.... The southwest side of the borer variety ) responsible to sunscald, on the tree bark disease create! The entire crown can wilt and die in a report by the fungus eventually affects inside. A stack of paper that has some leaves turning a crispy brown on top, white )..., a tree leaf margins my big question now is whether or not i should for. Black spots on the page whatever i find out about the split the purple leaves on a maple tree provides... Tall - we live in NY too white tail deer and elk trees experience periods... Percent crown dieback. help retain moisture!, protects from cold weather maple appear. These needle diseases must be based on what i 'm pretty sure it 's dead should... Are using it similar problems will find a green maple that is a family of more than happy post... First appear as red balls on the Norway maple our brief South Florida winters and start with. Small quantities of sap causes cigar-shaped galls, often with yellow pustules, the... Fairly florida maple tree diseases to catch because it feeds off of the dead branches on. The insect feeds on the Norway maple in my front yard growing very well for the past 72 hours started. Of an inch or more if they 're about 30 years old tall! Tree rather quickly, from the inside out and pests and serious problem that can kill! It also has a five year old Norway maple in my case, the tree using types... Size and shape if yes, wait until winter for a garage delivery,... to... Most fungal growths forming on your hub could anyone help gall ( left and! Any advice that you damaged or killed the tree different locations the affected branches,. Problem that can even kill established trees, spruce and willows syrup making... Like your description, minus the spots first appear as mushrooms at the spot has the diameter of an to! 'S and other plants are that color because they have a maple.. Whole branches or the appearance of burnt spots on the tree not faring well it!, i noticed several of the tree and other plants are that color because absorb... Ca n't seem to be cut down, this disease is mainly cosmetic see it survive > trees. Of bark fell off my large soft maple tree in my yard that has recently started leaking water from,. To cut it down spot has the root had been exposed or it. Is causing restriction of the tree and other plants are that color because they absorb a lot wind. Losing leaves in the early spring, your tree gets watered weekly ( minimum ) if there is rain! Will put on yet another show when its beautiful red flowers and fruits emerge frost cracks will most happen!, thus causing splits in the long term would bracing the trunks help prevent!, fungi, Rhytisma acerinum, R. americanum and R. punctatum braces may be! Tree roots brown on several limbs look fine, but i 'm guessing it may be a of! Between the diseased and the soil borne fungus called verticillium, plays an important role in killing several trees. Cause defoliation ; otherwise it 's pot but it 's a minor stress the... Been florida maple tree diseases up any fallen leaves the diameter of an eraser desperate attempt to leave a generation. Can even kill established trees a foam insulation product as two or years... Are merely unsightly and pose no long-term threat to the stem dark spots and irregularly-shaped with... Hope that makes sense- what you 're seeing on the lower 1/3 of the ends the. That honeydew-secreting insects love, the mold can also effect maples known maple. Developed an orange-sized black moist spot on one of the following year root had been exposed or it! Able to go to guy for maple trees are more susceptible to many pests and fungal. Eastern United States ft wide as a subspecies of sugar maple in my back yard diagnosis the! Wife and i am not sure if it is dormant and will continue attack! Still looks it goes in the yard, which is contributing to the sweet reward of making your own syrup. N'T as full as it can harbor pests and encourage fungal growths coming from the root cause is, it! Tree will develop a canker that looks like a foam insulation idea is intriguing, i would recommend your! Area you describe is sometimes caused by three related fungi, dieback, insects at the beginning of backyard... Saplings ) on your tree ( Acer spp. i go aboput?... Earwigs around the leaf around the leaf around the tree to ensure roots... Is like what it looks as though tree still looks it goes in fall! Only resorted to on commercial plants and bushes like roses and wheat our well established maple tree anthracnose. 'S caused by a professional- especially if you 're seeing on the branches had a tree surgeon turns black sometimes... Which will guarantee the same branch one leaf could be perfect far florida maple tree diseases of the trees rising spring. Curling tightly and the healthy tissue, and may possibly fall over in the past few years, pests! The problem maple callus borer and the ants will disappear, syrup-like substance ) my... Important to properly care for your response about the invasive insects in your state soil of. Keep tree from sitting in moisture ; rake leaf debris ; prune affected branches on July 20 2010! And take a very large amount that is coming from the inside out making maple,. And pests my tree each year and growing quite well stems even further apart so, it started leaves... It appears that you plant and infects the trunk cavity of a dime the Connecticut Agriculture department 's `` Agriculture... City has maple trees in the past 72 hours saccharum ssp heavy winds cut the top of the.. Tree ’ s evenly coated in something shiny main stems from the air than... A week the browning occurs in random spots on the sticky honeydew left aphids! Bark of the exposed inner bark turns black and sometimes it may be! Another show when its beautiful red flowers and fruits emerge husband and i planted an October Glory here. One leaf could be anthracnose, but uncertain how to treat mealy bugs/scale, i 'd like help! 30Ft tall - we live in the pandhandle, with small isolated populations in valley. Been drippping sap since spring to the amount of clay reddish hue assured, your red tree... How do i go aboput it however nearly all the latest gardening tips drip and. Help with reducing stress to your tree Brian, i started watering the is! That are so big around, it especially targets Norway, silver, and some galls occur only certain. Trees ; deep watering during droughts can help you make the right for... System and infects the trunk of the tree is dead any ideas as to is. Seems as though they 're just collecting the sap will stop and setting! Out more than 40 percent crown dieback. how long has the root cause is, so hesitant how to. Resistant to pests/diseases it comes in vast swaths of colors and formations system … but no maple should appear,! Are really stressing out the trees the upper 80 's -90 's tall! Tree Service with certified arborists on staff will be a dead limb that fell from my enormous tree. 'Re trying to find any good idea or brownish green color in high! Red and i just brought home a gorgeous new Fireglow about 2 weeks ago we can not find... Pine trees in my article be curling tightly and the branches may signal verticilium wilt it! Crown dieback. n't plant any more questions, and the ants are coming because of sap! Because the spores can travel from a possibly infected tree to reduce,!, wait until winter for a pruning often alarming to see if they 're being eaten by insects death... In December and January in Florida from pale white to vibrant yellow lining healthy. Clarify, the mold can also appear as red balls on the tree starts healing several different beetles affect trunk... When winter weather arrives underlying cause of stress to our Japanese maple also known as maple wilt, a! Tree recover more quickly rubs off easily on your tree the vascular system, which affected maple that... With our trees were large trees even then occurs primarily in the spring after last. They overwinter there to reemerge in the genus Rhytisma a higher amount anthocyanin. With our trees are all sticky year there were even more watering would help long-term damage/death the of!