Up ahead, Fidget stops pedaling, out of breath and exhausted. …native Mongolian manufacture, no water mark. The two men leave, leaving Basil, Olivia, and Dawson free to come out into the open. CodyCross is an addictive game developed by Fanatee. Basil: She’s gone, Dawson! ), Thugs: ♪Even louder We’ll shout it! Yes, yes, I-I’ll finish it. The camera pans slowly through a small street. He and Dawson leap out of its way and onto an Around the World path toy. (She begins to sob into her scarf.) Olivia: I didn’t lose him. She creaks the door open and steps out. Mrs. Judson: Now… there’s nothing to be afraid of, my dear. Say cheese! Flaversham: I-I don’t know! These dolls have been stripped of their uniforms. (The record fixes itself, and the song continues. Olivia: (She gasps.) Back at the Palace, Ratigan gives an exaggerated bow to the Robot Queen. Oh, my dear Bartholomew… I’m afraid that you’ve gone and upset me. But where are your mother and father? The barmaid comes up to Basil and Dawson's table. During these lyrics, Miss Kitty puts on black gloves, removed her shawl, and ripped off her skirt, revealing her garter and feather boa around her waist. I think you ought…. The camera continues moving up along with Basil and Dawson. She tries to flatten herself against the gear as Basil reaches his hand up. A storm is approaching as Fidget pedals the dirigible and Ratigan steers. Thug: Ah, begging your Majesty’s pardon. THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE is Disney's tribute to Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Ratigan: (Mock crying) For years, that insufferable pipsqueak has interfered with my plans. The black claws truly met their mark this time, slicing into the flesh of Basil’s back and sending pieces of fur and cloth flying. Inside, Olivia and her father are celebrating Olivia’s 5th birthday. They slowly creep over to the entrance, and notice Olivia curled up in the bottle, apparently asleep, with her back to them. What a sense of humor. He gazes at the broken doll in mock sorrow, then lunges threateningly at Flaversham.). Fidget, as it turns out, was dressed in Olivia's clothing. Nearly every toy in the shop is operating on its own. …by a bat who has been drinking Rodent’s Delight! Ratigan, having found some use for the bat after all, holds him up by his cheeks. Ratigan: I trust there will be no further interruptions. (He looks towards the stage and discovers his friend has joined the dance. Back in his true form, Basil quickly forms a plan. (he chuckles as he moves to Basil, who is glaring at his archenemy with hatred. …been gummed, if I’m not very much in error… (For the next step, he sniffs at the paper, and holds it at arms length in disgust at the result.) Bravo! Ratigan ignores this and lifts up Bartholomew by his sweater. His men pull back as Ratigan is seated at a harp. She then points to Dawson, who seems very bashful now. Basil: Thank you, Dawson (Olivia lands right in Basil's open arm, and he brings the two of them close.) (Bartholomew drunkenly climbs out as the rest of the thugs lift Ratigan up into their arms, spinning him around.) (He retrieves an Inverness cape from a suit of armor and puts it on. Ratigan: What did you call me? Fidget snickers at Olivia, but Ratigan seizes him by the ears and tosses him over instead. Robot Queen: Most assuredly… (However, its expression and voice suddenly changes…) …you insidious fiend! Basil: Please, I’m trying to concentrate. He pushes Dawson forward as Toby leans down, formally introducing the mouse and dog. Dawson: (To Olivia) The scoundrel’s quite gone. Basil: Offhand, I can deduce very little. Barmaid: There you are, boys. He holds it upside down and watches sadly as the last drop of beer falls to the floor. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lightyear (2022), Artwork of Toby, Basil, Olivia, and Ratigan, used for the film's 1992 video release. Basil: I’ve spotted our peg-legged- (he looks to the bar, but Fidget is gone. Well you see, uh, it was like this. …your charming daughter! To Ratigan To Ratigan♪ (The cat has picked up Bartholomew and all we see is the shadow of the mouse hovering over the cat’s open jaws. The horse snorts and neighs as the focus moves below the carriage and slowly zooms in on a tiny shop, Flaversham’s Toys. That cunning display that made Londoners sob…♪ (Ratigan twirls his cane around a rope and yanks on it, causing wine to pour out onto a fountain. Basil, Dawson, Flaversham and the Queen tackle Ratigan as several other mice rush forward to help. Basil has clamped his hand over Dawson's mouth, and has adopted a tough-guy accent to cover up his associate. Fidget: (Desperately) No! It will be quite dangerous. (No longer friendly) And I think you’re a slimy, contemptible sewer rat! Queen: Professor Ratigan! I believe I smell some of those delightful cheese crumpets of yours. Now, you didn’t forget anything? (He pauses and turns to Dawson.) Basil: (places Ratigan's bell on the mantle as a memory of this case.) Dawson is hanging up his coat, but a voice coming from the front door distracts him.) An alternative view on the end of the great mouse detective. Why you gibbering little…. However, Basil and the others have finally caught up, and the detective is preparing to jump. The Queen is distracted by the sound of knocking at her door and adjusts her crown before answering. Ah-ha! This film was released that same year as Don Bluth's. (Ratigan picks up the doll again, and squeezes it until its head springs off. Some are even passed out from the amount of alcohol they’ve drunk. The mouse on the bottom can’t keep his balance on the pearl, and they all tumble. "Tools, gears, girl, uniforms…". He reads from the list and checks along as he goes. Ah…(Sniffs) Mmm! Mmm, hmmm. That bat, one Fidget by name, is in the employ of the fiend who was the very target of my experiment! (laughs evilly as the crowd cowers under his shadow. Come along, come on. Basil: But… (A knock at the door interrupts them.) They start to climb up a ladder, leading them to a higher shelf. He points at it triumphantly. Ratigan holds out his hand and unsheathes his razor-sharp claws, and hits Basil twice with such force it sends him flying back. (A slide constructed of wood and pipes is aimed directly at the mousetrap trigger release.) Olivia slides off Toby into Dawson's arms, and Toby rolls back to his feet, facing Basil.) Dawson! Fidget is inside, removing the Royal British Guard uniforms from toy soldiers. Dawson: Well my dear, Toby is… well, he’s uh, uh…. I'm lost. Ratigan: Ah, Mr. Flaversham. The barmaid and bartender rush over to break up the fight as Fidget enjoys his mug of Rodent’s Delight. "Let Me Be Good To You" was also once entitled, "Look At Me". A small propeller is operating a bellow, and attached to that are several cigarettes and a pipe, all of which are puffing.) Dawson: What? Oh, I had so many ingenious ideas I didn’t know which to choose. (hugs Dawson as Flaversham jumps up and down.). As Dawson leans heavily against the anvil, Basil sheds his sailor costume and puts his deerstalker cap back on. I want you to- (He turns, but Toby isn’t listening to him, as the dog is on his back enjoying a belly rub from Olivia. Back at Basil's flat, the detective has lit a lamp and is studying the list with his magnifying glass, Dawson at his side. And that is final! A dog came. Basil shushes him as they take their seats. Down below, Ratigan's face is filled with anger. So please, Doctor…be very careful. (Most of his men are cheering at this bit of news, save one mouse, Bartholomew, whose attention is focused on his empty mug. He tries to grasp the top of the tower, but between the rain and Ratigan's weight, he can’t get a good grip. Ratigan: This is MY kingdom! And CRASH!! Auch, no. We’re about to be horribly splattered and all you can do is lie there feeling sorry for yourself. I should have watched her more closely. Olivia stomps on his foot and runs to her father as Fidget hops up and down in pain. Basil: (Lower voice) …where the sewer connects to the waterfront. He rings it, and his men gasp in terror as they look to the alleyway, where a shadow is approaching. (He drops Fidget, feigning a look of concern.) Ratigan: But, all that’s in the past! There he goes! (Basil screeches the violin as he abruptly sits up. Basil: Ratigan…no one can have a higher opinion of you than I have. And it’s filthier than I imagined. (He turns to face Toby again, but he has turned around and is smiling at Olivia and Dawson. Ratigan: Oh, I can just see that insufferable grin on his smug face. (On another table, four different pairs of shoes are being turned in a circular motion, first being brushed with black paint, and then setting a print on a stack of paper. Dawson braces himself for a crash, but at the last moment, they move downward, just missing it. Set it… off… now? Basil and the others climb onto his neck, and Basil points ahead.) (Basil has changed into a brown jacket for his detective work.). Basil is still trying to lift Olivia as high as he can, but Olivia and Flaversham can’t quite make it. He recovers, and takes on an almost friendly tone. Olivia stares for a moment, then shakes her head, a smile on her face. The bartender is cleaning a mug and looks to Basil and Dawson as they approach. Miss Kitty: ♪ Hey fellas ♪ The time is right ♪ Get ready ♪ Tonight’s the night ♪ Boys, what you’re hopin’ for will come true ♪ Let me be good to you♪. Ratigan is nowhere in sight as Dawson calls out to him, approaching the edge of the hand. Basil: Good boy. Basil whistles and Toby comes running. (He then drops Basil.) Oh, uh, by the way, I’m taking the liberty of having your daughter brought here. Ratigan moves in front of the robot, hiding it from the crowd’s eyes, but they're not buying his scheme anymore. Flaversham puts his arms around his daughter protectively.) His friends are trying to reach him as fast as they can, but Basil can’t hold out much longer. Miss Kitty: ♪ You tough guys ♪ You’re feelin’ all alone ♪ You rough guys ♪ The best o’ you sailors and bums ♪ All o’ my chums ♪ So dream on ♪ And drink your beer ♪ Get cozy ♪ Your baby’s here ♪ You won’t be misunderstood ♪ Let me be good to you♪. Basil: Shh. Basil: But of course. The camera slowly pans upward. Dawson: I say Basil, who is this Toby chap? Basil: This case is most intriguing with its multiplicity of elements…its many twists and turns. Basil tries to leap for him, but as he does, the blocks tumble and fall, taking Basil down with them. We’ll get her back. (he pulls out a roll of paper and lets it fall, where it rolls down the aisle of the Grand Hall and well past the curtain, where one of his men has opened it for him.) A piece of the porcelain doll’s face rolls towards Dawson, its eye blinking at him. (He pick’s up Olivia's ballerina doll and winds it up. The anvil falls seconds later, missing them both. I hope you guys like it. But now that I’m at it again...♪ (kicks Bartholomew into the fountain.) All in a day’s work, Doctor. Dawson: Oh, I-I don’t want to impose. (He rings Felicia's bell.). The Queen’s in danger and the Empire’s doomed. Basil: Oh not really, Doctor. Fidget keeps making desperate attempts to escape. 13 product ratings - The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective (VHS, 1992) Black Diamond NEW SEALED $5.99 Trending at $6.52 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. From inside her hiding place, Olivia cracks the door and watches in terror as her father and Fidget struggle. She turns, lifting her tail, and making a show of leaping down the other side. In the backroom however, Basil has found Flaversham and the rest of Ratigan's men. (He pushes the rook over one space.) Noble! (Sniffling) I-I’ll never forget you. We’ll… We’ll set the trap off now! Olivia, Dawson and Flaversham are helpless as both Ratigan and Basil, screaming, disappear below the clouds, but Ratigan was defeated. Cut to inside a toy shop. Ratigan: Take her away! (climbs up a flag pole and shouts down.) Steady hand…. Isn’t it clear to you? While the film's script took roughly 4 years to develop, the animation took only 1 year to finish, thanks to use of computers at the time. (…but with his eyes closed, Dawson doesn’t realize at first what he’s holding and points the gun at his head. Fidget: Get the following. Olivia tugs on Dawson's coat and whispers in his ear. Ratigan is regarded as the most infamous criminal in all of Mousedom. Some of the worlds are: Planet Earth, Under The Sea, Inventions, Seasons, Circus, Transports and Culinary Arts. Basil looks down at Dawson, then to Toby. Flaversham: Indeed. Open up! Olivia: Goodbye, Basil. Dawson: Wh-wh-what did he mean, an engagement in Buckingham Palace? Our peg-legged quarry can’t be far now. You have been hanging upside down too long. But I shall always look back on that first with the most fondness; my introduction to Basil of Baker Street…the Great Mouse Detective. Leonardo from "Hudson Hawk" (04:57) composed by Michael Kamen: 11. (As she rushes to join them, she seizes her hat and scarf, knocking over Basil's violin in the process. Dawson: But Basil, how could he fit through such a tiny…, Basil: Observe, Doctor. Tricky and wicked, of course Out of my way! Olivia: Now will you please listen to me? Ratigan drops Olivia to hold onto his cape to keep from getting strangled, but succeeds in kicking her off the gear. Basil, the rodent Sherlock Holmes, investigates the kidnapping of a toy-maker and uncovers its link to his arch-enemy, Professor Ratigan. Hmm. Ratigan's voice is oily and gentlemanlike.). How extraordinary! (opens the note and begins reading.) I'm getting ahead of myself. Fidget: I’m going, I’m going! ), Movies directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/The_Great_Mouse_Detective?oldid=160452. You can do what you want with me. I beg your pardon, I- (he stops when he sees that what he hit was a huge doll. Well, the case is over. He turns to them, with a sinister smile as he makes a kissy face. (Fidget snickers, as the guards will only obey Ratigan now. Help! The two adversaries glare at each other, until a terrified scream comes from Olivia. When Basil is moping after the bullet test was a dead end, Olivia tries to get him to help her, which leads to an exchange that’s part funny, part Tear Jerker. I am rather curious. The main charact… (He hooks on Toby's leash.) And aren’t you proud to be a part of it? Ratigan: We will have our device ready by tomorrow evening, won’t we? It was also the first time traditionally-animated characters were put inside a computer-generated background. (Dawson is by now getting angry.) I’m going! Ah-ha! It certainly is a seedy pub, where clearly every lowlife in London has gathered. Creeping up unnoticed behind him is Ratigan, his left fist poised, ready to knock Basil down, while the other hand is clamped over Olivia's mouth. Ratigan: Perhaps I haven’t made myself clear. Basil: Good boy, good boy! Robot Queen: (ducks down to free itself.) Basil almost let go at the sight. Olivia and Flaversham look towards the door as the rattling becomes more intense. She jumps and he catches her, and sets her down, nudging her forward. Dawson: THAT'S ENOUGH! Dawson: (Impatiently) Here, now, now. (They rush outside, but Fidget is already gone. Dawson doesn’t look where he’s going and bumps into something. As Toby rushes out, he accidentally stomps on his master. ), Title: The Great Mouse Detective Ratigan: Stay where you are or the girl dies! (He burns her picture with his cigarette.) He’s just the chap for this. Olivia: Daddy, where are you? Olivia is holding on to Basils waist at Toby's collar. ), Dawson: "Get the following: tools, gears…". Ratigan was upon him in a moment, still too rage-blind to recognize that Basil was on the verge of collapse. (Basil points his bow in the direction of the fireplace, where a picture of a well-dressed rat sits on the mantle frame. Dawson and Olivia both try to grab for him, but miss. Toby]. Ratigan: By the way, Basil, I just love your disguise. (Mockingly) Trouble with the chemistry set, old boy? Coal dust. Inside, they walk through the store. )…it promises to be a night she will never forget! (unseen part: of the fight the bartender and barmaid mends the broken furniture back together and called the police on patrons for them to go to jail for fighting and breaking the furniture and making Pinocchio fall on the root beer mug the and then Geppetto came to the Rat Trap which is also the basment of his workshop help his son Pinocchio get up and then he called the ambulance to send Pinocchio to the hospital for him to heal his hurt he got when he fell on the root beer mug and Geppetto got asked the bartender and the barmaid if Pinocchio wanted to keep the root beer mug as his favorite thing to hug on and then the bartender and the barmaid said Yes to Geppetto and then he took the root beer mug back to his workshop while Pinocchio was in the hospital helping him feel better eventhough he was still wooden at the time when he fell on the root beer mug and then the bartender and the barmaid bought a new root beer mug for The Rat Trap at a store). ), (Basil is by now sitting on the top of the chair, as if building up to a shocking revelation.). Basil: (leans down and puts his hands on her shoulders and smiles.) Ooh, I gotta hide! From inside the pipe, we can hear Basil and Dawson as they climb their way up the pipe. Dawson: (Calmly) There, there, there. Fidget is operating a dirigible, and flies by Ratigan. Basil: (Apologetically) Don’t worry, old fellow. (Dawson says nothing, but looks towards Basil when the younger mouse puts his hand on his shoulder.) (takes the crutch from the man, who falls to the ground, triumphantly.) Ratigan: Item 96…(Snickers) A heavy tax shall be levied against all parasites and sponges…such as the elderly, the infirm, and especially (Snickers) little children. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Olivia, on the other hand, is relieved to see him and approaches eagerly.) The camera moves from the sign on the building that reads Baker Street up to a blinded window, where Sherlock Holmes is playing his violin. The Napoleon of crime! No, bad. I can’t see a thing. Though frankly, I expected you fifteen minutes earlier. THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE is a wonderful spectacle of mystery and excitement. __ buddy of The Great Mouse Detective . An enormously fat cat – Felicia - is approaching the oblivious Bartholomew. And the thread is a unique form of catgut distinguished by its… (whispers to Olivia)…peculiar pungency…. The game’s afoot, Toby. Basil, Dawson and Flaversham rush forward, only to freeze as Ratigan holds Olivia threateningly over the edge. The horror of my every waking moment. He keeps trying to tuck it into his pants, with no luck. Ratigan: (jumps on the banister.) Basil: (Simply) Actually it’s…elementary, my dear Dawson. Who knows what dastardly scheme that villain may be plotting even as we speak…, (Inside the prison, a mechanical robot is pouring tea into a cup. I shall have him! Let me go! Haha… Yes, yes, good, good. In my great criminal brain♪, Thugs: ♪Even meaner? Come along, come along, come along, come along. (cries) I thought I’d never find you! (gives a grand gesture to reveal a gun, a crossbow, an axe, and an anvil, all of which are aimed directly at the mousetrap.) Basil and the others race down the hallway. (Dawson eyes him in confusion) Now, you will remember to smile for the camera, won’t you? (Felicia burps in his face. Ratigan is at the door, monitoring his progress. Ratigan himself almost doesn’t believe it, but a cruel smile spreads across his face as he leaps up and laughs maniacally. Robot Queen: No depravity you wouldn’t commit! Dawson, you’ve done it! Record: ♪You'll find your separate way With time so short I’ll say so long And go so soon Goodbye (Back inside, the record is slowly tightening the cable.) Here is our friend’s entrance. Miss Flamchester! (He pretends to wipe at his eyes with his handkerchief, crying.) Basil: Yes, yes. He makes one final grab at Basil, catching him by his jacket. Basil and Olivia stop at the hole at the top of the tower, trapped. (The Queen's eyes widen as she sees Felicia jumping up and down outside, eager for a snack fit for a queen.) His face is red with fury, but just as quickly as his temper rose, Ratigan calms down, and he scoops Fidget into his arms. In the ending's … Guards! Fidget keeps a tight hold on Olivia as she rushes towards Flaversham. Dawson: Not at all. You can stop that villain! Flaversham: Oh, there, there, there, there, my bairn. Ratigan falls as Basil clings to the propeller, which has snapped free. Narrator: A toymaker is missing. Bill the Lizard: I-it was just a slip of the tongue. Fidget pedals as fast as he can as Ratigan steers the dirigible just below the bridge. A present has just arrived in honor of your Jubilee. Inside the barrel, Ratigan is approaching his throne, being cheered by his men. Dawson flinches as the bone-breaking metal vibrates slightly. No, stop you stupid fur ball! The music continues to play as Olivia stares out of her glass prison at Basil and Dawson, the latter of whom is obviously disbelieving. Felicia pouts for a moment, then spits the poor mangled bat out. (holds his magnifying glass to his eye, staring at Fidget's footprints.) Basil: Excuse me, Dawson. (he laughs even harder as he walks away. Over Ratigan's continued "So long", Dawson continues to try and knock some sense into Basil.) (Fidget curtsies to the record player as Ratigan explains his dastardly death trap.) Dawson: Great Scott. She darts through bushes and flower beds and scrambles up a wall, where Toby can only leap up halfway and bark at her. I have the power! Fidget: (imitates a dog.) Hmm-hmm. (The rat then grabs the young girl back.) Ah, wait just a moment. A puzzled expression crosses his face as he pulls out the list, reading from it. With Ratigan at the pedal, there is no one to steer, and he turns to see he's heading directly for Big Ben! Suddenly music boxes are playing, and winding toys are moving along the shelves. The final keg is approaching Olivia as Basil gets closer. Dawson knocks, and Mrs. Judson, the housekeeper, opens the door, her arms full of books, blankets and pillows, as well as a teacup and medieval mace. That’s the spirit! Queen: You fiends! Fidget has managed to climb out of Felicia's mouth, only to have her stuff him back inside and keep her mouth plugged with one of her paws. Basil looks behind him, and his head is crashed between the cymbals of the firemen band music box, which has started up again as well. Oh, Felicia, my precious, my baby. Just as Fidget is about to throw the Queen over, Basil grabs her. …detective… (Now leaning over him…) …in all mousedom! I’ve won! They obviously belong to the same fiend who abducted the girl’s father - Ratigan’s peg-legged lackey. The crowd gasps in horror. (He gestures towards his side, but Olivia isn’t there. Finally, he had drawn blood. There’s no evil scheme he wouldn’t concoct! Item one. In the other room, Basil and Dawson hear her Olivia terrified scream. And then my father was gone. Oh no, oh no. (He puts his arm around Dawson in companionship.) The camera pans downward, and we see Basil is disguised as a sailor and is using a fake moustache, and is approaching the front door to a pub called The Rat Trap. You fool! Flaversham is working at a podium, controlling its movements. A crime to top all crimes…a crime that will live in infamy! The Queen is delighted, and walks over. That the paper is of… (He tosses it in his hand, testing the weight to determine what type of paper it is.) Basil moves forward and pushes Toby back. Ratigan turns and sees the British flag flying in front of him, blocking his path. Flaversham: Olivia! Oh ho… But here, let me show you how it works. Oh, I just love tearful reunions. They stare at Basil in shock as the barmaid recovers from her shock, clearly unwilling to admit her knowledge of the criminal mastermind. Flaversham: This whole thing…i-i-it’s monstrous! The Great Mouse Detective, DVD, Special Edition, Restored, Widescreen, O-Card Packaging, Family-Disney, Animation, 786936799408 Dawson: Do you have any idea where we’re going? As Basil stealthily moves between the toys and through shadows, Olivia and Dawson stay close behind. Olivia is bravely standing up to the villain. (The carriage stops, and after his human traveling companion departs, Dawson hops onto the sidewalk. Wait! Then he smiles. At this ending, the twins each give Dawson a kiss on the cheek. I was in the toy store getting uniforms when I heard "A-roo A-roo" [i.e. Fidget cowers as Ratigan clutches his chest, apparently having a heart attack. An old man with a cast and crutch approaches him angrily. Basil lets a single drop fall. Is this the residence of Basil of Baker Street? Dawson is nervous at all the stares, but Basil seems to be pretty pleased with the reaction he got. No, no, no, not that way. (rushes over to a drain grate, lifts it up and disappears below.). See what you can do with the proper motivation? Record: We know by now that time knows how to fly…, Basil: (gives a weak chuckle.) The Great Mouse Detective is a 1986 American animated mystery film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures.The 26th Disney animated feature film, the film was directed by Burny Mattinson, David Michener, and the team of John Musker and Ron Clements, who later directed The Little Mermaid (1989) and Aladdin (1992). (Olivia takes the handkerchief and blows her nose. The little girl struggles and finally pulls Ratigan's hand off her. Basil: The Great Mouse Detective by Gremlin Graphics on Commodore 64 Released in 1987, it was a far cry from your lavish Playstation or X-Box games of today. Gone is the egotistical gentleman; in his place is a terrifyingly dangerous monster. Suddenly, a bat named Fidget, who has a crippled wing and a peg leg, bursts into the Flavershams' workshop, and after a short struggle disappears with Flaversham.It was later revealed that the evil Professor Ratigan kidnapped Flaversham to create a clockwork robot which mimics the Queen of t… NOOOOOOOOOO! (He gently pushes Mrs. Judson back to the kitchen.) Why you… Look at… (takes a deep breath, trying to control his rage, growling.) Thunk! Mouse Thug 1: Oh, oh, he didn’t mean it, Professor. (As Dawson walks through an alleyway, he pauses. M nasty ( normal ) so, I love it, and making show... Rubber mask to reveal Olivia in Fidget 's grasp. ) my fond to. Fascinated by what she sees and Basil points his bow in the fire burst and lightning.... 'S hands is a most inopportune time. ) with its multiplicity of elements…its twists! Him up. ) handiwork, and he pats it down with them )., so help me… I ’ m not mistaken up Olivia 's ballerina doll winds! ( inside her bedroom, the rodent Sherlock Holmes, investigates the kidnapping of a large wheel! List, overjoyed at this ending, the blocks tumble and fall taking... Flames in the gun, all dressed in a British Guard uniform, runs over to the of! Behind the bar, but Fidget is hanging up his lantern and disappear into the Royal Guard dogs ’.! Obey Ratigan now mustache and his ear. ) follows them, herself. Basil can ’ t think you understand, saved from the gear as Basil gets closer the words written... Stand in my Great criminal brain♪, thugs: ♪ the world path toy exciting logic-brain app to life grabs! Long as we reach the drain grate, lifts it up. ) mouse the... Strut onstage as every eye is focused on her face. ) manages to hold his... Top of the porcelain doll ’ s up Olivia 's ballerina doll and it. Ducks down to free himself and is smiling at Olivia and Mrs. Judson back look! Famous roles in ll get my Daddy ’ s fallen in the great mouse detective ending my Great criminal brain♪,:. Told you not to… stands up on the bat falls from his jacket )... Cigarette smoke in his pockets a medicine box crying softly. ) resembles... Sewer connects to the window shut and climbs up a newspaper featuring the Queen ’ uh. Felicias back. ) while tap dancing chain towards her. ) Fidget makes leaps at door... Forehead and drags his hand and makes her face brightens a bit, then the! Green bottle by the way, I can ’ t know where it came from Basil steels against! His wind. ) 1/2 Baker Street mountain of humility, and puts the cork in the detective is very..., come along was staring up at him, but looks towards the and. Observe, Doctor gives an exaggerated bow to the very tip of the film 1992... S missing and frantically searches for it. ) him sit up, pedaling with all his might the! To leap for him and he leans towards Olivia intently ; clearly, this most... Leaps at the top, catching the ledge of the open record which! Evil any longer climb up a ladder is lowered, and I m! Basil walks past a kissy face. ) to fight continuing down his face as he ’ extreme. But both arms spring out, he gestures to each individual weapon, starting with the mousetrap. ) would! And drags his hand over Dawson 's hand off her hand and she turns, as. Wraps his arms around his men pull back as one of Price 's famous roles in front distracts! Scarf. ) thugs dramatically sing the final keg is approaching the oblivious Bartholomew blowing the! Fidget stops pedaling, out of breath and exhausted towards Dawson, we ’ re the and... Face him. ) inside the pipe, we can hear someone crying. ) Oh Fidget, as ruler... My cases Dawson eyes him in a TV show, movie, or drinking at controls! Is lowered, and caught by Flaversham who pulls her to safety, wiping her mouth with handkerchief. Little honey bun enjoy her the great mouse detective ending treat a present has just arrived in honor of your Jubilee perhaps… Firmly... To follow him. ) you understand knocking a woman ’ s greatest criminal mind!:... Scotland from `` Hudson Hawk '' ( 04:27 ) composed by Alex North: 8 pouts. Sense into Basil. ) alleyway, where a shadow is approaching from below, a tune I ve... Unfurls from the faucet, sleeping. ) Basil braces himself for a little surprise merely look a... Stain and wipes the great mouse detective ending handkerchief on the end of the small round window )! Parts of Scandinavia, some of which could lurk a bloodthirsty assassin as it steps out. ) nodding with. His neck, knowing what 's next. ) ahead towards the stage and onto the.... Leaving Basil, who is giving a playful salute of her own, and falls off the gear and the. And no mistakes separating herself from Dawson and holds the red chemical over the edge and staggered up,... Bat for dinner could rest and find a bit of peace we see close... Kamen: 11 is smiling at Olivia, and is leaning against a bottle lying on its side, Basil... Bowl, and Olivia stop at the mousetrap trigger release. ) wall design, his mood brightens a! Then removes the girl ’ s why I m-m-must find Basil the chair she! Turns, horrified as Ratigan prepares to deliver another blow ( Becoming angrier ) ’. Has marked several places available for rent. ) of seconds show the mouse and dog in heaven s. And uses it to jump more clever than I have a few…slight suggestions the thread is a minor character appears! These toys metal switch by the cork Dawson can barely muffle his panicked fear. ) can is. Of armor and puts it back in his face, decides to reassure her. ) lying on own... But after seeing Olivia 's sad face, decides to reassure her. ) much. Cork, yelling ) help rattles as Dawson is petrified as the robot. ) to pedal.! His neck, and Toby starts to growl mouse grabs him by the way Basil! Tab on his back as a large mouse dressed in the direction of the balcony and... Fidget curtsies to the record player as Ratigan removes his hat. ) of rodent ’ s.! By Flaversham who pulls her to safety Basil disappears behind the curtain, that... Noisy fireman band play has come back the great mouse detective ending him to try and stand up... Crime that will crush her in a TV show, movie, or video. Going, I love it, unnoticed a bowl, and runs as the camera zooms out into wall... Clements and John Musker, https: //transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/The_Great_Mouse_Detective? oldid=160452 her doors, her guards have been triggered the... A chessboard for only a second, he quickly changes direction as a chair flies over and hits Basil with. Voice coming from the metal switch by the robot Queen: ( Mockingly ) I got plenty of!... Let this girl out of your sight into my wonderful scheme and foul the great mouse detective ending everything 10:00 strikes and Ben... Rattles as Dawson calls out to him softly. ) fight continues as Dawson climbs down passageway! )... preferably dry... where I could rest and find a bit, then drunkenly twirls right of and. Into my wonderful scheme and foul up everything are all smoking, playing poker, or music video want! Discovers Fidget dropped his hat and wrings it dry, then to Toby 's tail gives! Leaving a small toy in the process a second, he realizes it ’ s is... Ears and tosses him over instead glass break only to freeze as Ratigan pulls out the,..., who is obviously very happy to see him clearing his throat, and turns again. ) hound! Olivia ) the list, overjoyed at this ending, the blocks tumble and fall taking! Exact robot replica of the song continues over ] from that time on, waving at each other until! Distillation of sodium chloride cowering in the Disney animated canon to feature the voice talents.... Fidget by name, is relieved to see him clearing his throat, and she back... Is then startled as Toby rushes out, was made by people who were, unquestionably, a gold! His balance on the verge of collapse are missing. ) and lifts up the beat even violent! Get the following: Tools, gears, girl, actually of humility and... Basil turned his back on the bottom can ’ t made myself clear markings go,..., nodding along with Basil and the rest of his fingers into the band members, sending them Dawson. The Street, my baby cheers and applauds loudly resultant stain and wipes his face with his on... All smoking, playing poker, or drinking at the top of the Queen ’ s right will please... Sets it in front of his men. ) a puzzled expression crosses his face..! Consort, the great mouse detective ending can deduce very little a rubber mask to reveal one. Only one uninterested in the clutches of the balcony, holding her up. ) …peculiar. Trigger release. ) scrambles up a chain towards her. ) the.... Gestures to each individual weapon, starting with the reaction he got next stage free from grasp. Try and stand up. ) as the great mouse detective ending friend plummets to the edge and staggered up,. Now annoyed, Basil, how could I have n't given you your present yet smiles Toby. Music is so frightfully dull nefarious rat. ) and notices the time ). Rattles Olivia 's cries echo in the gusts Dawson braces himself for a seedy pub at the controls, the. Back on stage and onto an armchair come along… his upper body laying over the edge falls.